Room 210
Mr. Turner's Third Quarter Research Project
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This page is designed to help students in Mr. Randy Turner's eighth grade class with the annual Third Quarter Research Project.

   Over a two-month period beginning the second week of the third quarter, students in Mr. Turner's eighth grade communication arts classes will undertake a research project. Students will choose a topic pertaining to The Civil Rights Movement.
   The project is worth 1,000 points, including:
100- Thesis statement
200- First draft of research paper
100- Oral presentation
100- Multi-media project
300- Final draft of research paper
100- Bibliography
100- Meeting deadlines
Research papers must be at least 1,000 words.
Each paper must include information from multiple sources, with at least two of them being books.
First Week- Research in MAC Lab
Second Week- Two days of research in SMS Library, Work in Room 210 to put together materials, thesis statement due at the end of the week
Third Week- Continue work on first draft.
Fourth Week- First draft is due at the end of the fourth week.
Fifth Week- Students will give oral presentations and multi-media presentations.
SIxth Week- Finish oral presentations and multi-media presentations
Seventh Week- Movie- Separate but Equal, work on final draft
Eighth Week- Students will turn in final draft at the end of the  week.

Possible Topics for Research Project
Freedom Riders
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Little Rock Nine
Integration of Major League Baseball
Mississippi Murders/Freedom Summer
Emmett Till Murder
Birmingham Church Bombing/Four Little Girls
Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr
Assassination of Malcolm X
Assassination of Medgar Evers
Voting Rights Act/Selma Protest
March on Washington/I Have a Dream Speech
Brown vs. Board of Education
Civil Rights Act of 1968
KKK Trials
Media's Role in Civil Rights Movement