Room 210

MAP Practice Test, 4-6-2006

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1. Which answer best describes how the writer feels about laptops in classrooms.
A. She feels laptops would help students succeed in school and be better prepared for the workplace.
B. She feels the cost would be worth it if it helps students to improve their grades.
C. She is concerned that students are losing the ability to think independently without technology to aid them.
D.  She is worried students will download music and visit naughty websites.
2. What prompted Ms. Cepeda to write this column?
A. She fears the state of Illinois is spending too much money on the I-Connect Initiative.
B. She is tired of students coming to class unprepared.
C. She is afraid the state is spending too much money on machines and not enough on teachers.
D. She is afraid students will lose the ability to stand on their own if all of the answers are just a keystroke away.
3. How would Ms. Cepeda recommend the state spend extra money it has for education?
A. Hire teachers to reduce class size.
B. Buy state-of-the-art laptops so students in Illinois will be able to keep up with those in New York and California.
C. Install added security in case people try to break in to the schools and steal the laptops.
D. Hire teachers who know how to teach students about the use of their new laptops.
4. Which answer best describes the results of giving seventh graders in Maine laptops to use in their classes?
A. Grades increased dramatically and students were better prepared for high school.
B. Test scores dropped and Maine got rid of the laptops.
C. The batteries kept dying and students were extremely angry.
D. Test scores in reading, writing, math and science showed no change.
MAP Practice Test, Part Two
1. Which best describes the reaction of students to the banning of the high-priced proms?
A. They were happy that the school made the changes.
B. They hired a lawyer to fight the school board's actions.
C. They plan to stay at home rather than attend the prom.
D. They're just going to stay home, watch DVDs and snort Cheetos.
2. What does Brother Hoagland mean when he speaks of "the flaunting of affluence."
A. He is referring to the revealing dresses that teenage girls wear to proms.
B. He is talking about the sex, booze and drugs that are often associated with these activities.
C. He means the outlandish amount of money that is being spent on prom.
D. He is embarrassed by the song lyrics and dance steps.