Room 210
South Alumni
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This page is dedicated to everyone who has ever spent class time in Room 210. News and information about those wonderful people will be featured on this page.

Joplin High School freshman Skye Smith was one of six JHS students to qualify for the All-District choir Saturday, Sept. 9, at Cassville.
Former South Middle School students Kristin Haddad and Hayley Howerton have done well during their first year at College Heights Christian School.
   Kristin is playing on the Cougar softball team, which started the season with a 2-2 record, while Hayley has been named to the cheerleading squad.
  Kristin was in Room 210 during the 2003-2004 school year, while Hayley was here during 2004-2005.

   Joplin High School freshman Kristin Haddad, formerly a South student, is scheduled to attend LeadAmerica's 2005 Congressional Student Leadership Conference in Washington, D. C. this summer.
   The conference allows students to learn first-hand about what goes into decision-making through briefings and discussions with national and international leaders.
   Lindsey Hamm, a Joplin High School freshman and South alumni, has been chosen to attend the annual National Student Leadership Congress in Washington, D. C.
   During the six-day Congress, she will go through training activities with an emphasis on leadership through community service. She will also visit historic and cultural sites.

The following poem, written by Brittany Harmon, now a freshman at Joplin High School, was featured in the recently-printed "Anthology of Eighth Grade Poetry," a national publication. The book is in the South Middle School library.
By Brittany Harmon
All hope is gone from a remarkable mind.
A heart is broken by all the unkind.
Her life is destroyed
she can never shine.
Her opinionated words go unspoken,
everyone assumes she is just fine.
She's losing her dreams
Every passing moment, one is gone.
No one listens to her screams
not in the evening nor at dawn.
She wants to make them realize
that she's more than just a stranger.
She's a friend that's in disguise.
Come closer, there is no danger.
Just please apologize
for all the hurt that you have caused
When you kept on walking and never paused
to listen to what she had to say.
She will remember that moment every day
no matter how hard you try
she will never forget
the times you made her cry
and the times she thought that was it
that it was better just to die
instead of throwing a miserable fit.
Oh and by the way,
there is one more thing she wanted me to say.
It was that she loves you
and always will
regardless of what you do
Even though your feelings towards her still
are fantasy and will never be true.
This section of the South Alumni page will feature poems written by Room 210 Alumni.
By Ashlee Webb
I think of everything we went though,
everything we shared
and I try to hold back my tears.
Your name is on my heart
and your words in my head
knowing that you meant the last few
makes me weak
I relive every moment we shared
and every word that we said
And I realize that our love has died
like that of a rose
I cry almost every night
and think of your precious face
everyday I pick up the phone to call,
but put it down again for fear that you will answer.
Why can't we just talk?
It's not like I am your enemy
your name is everywhere,
in every song on every show
in every book and magazine,
but mostly your name is in my heart.
You are my special name and I love you still.

Sept. 1- Bennett Eldred
Sept. 3- Trey Powell
Sept. 5- Kaycie Trumbore
Sept. 7- Micah Fort
Sept. 9- Chrystal Harris
Sept. 10- Molly Bates, Jennifer Heath
Sept. 11- Sean McNally
Sept. 12- Jordyn McCutcheon
Sept. 16- Skye Smith, Ryan Keller
Sept. 17- Mandi DeKruif
Sept. 18- Jordan Harmon
Sept. 19- Dante Robertson
Sept. 22- Kayla Lesmeister, Kourtney Lesmeister, Deedria Woods
Sept. 23- Lizeth Rojo
Sept. 24- Lindsey Hamm, Josh Wise
Sept. 25- Joseph Hill
Sept. 26- Callie Onstot, Leea Ewing
Sept. 27- Chelsea Coombes, Cody Coffman
Oct. 1- Jason Putnam, James Blackwood
Oct. 2- Marissa Dewane, Jessica Hill
Oct. 3- Kim Hylton
Oct. 8- Jennifer Holland
Oct. 9- Sarah Chituck
Oct. 11- Jacob Hock
Oct. 12- Kelsey Sanders
Oct. 16- Daniel Friskey
Oct. 17- Lauren Prince
Oct. 20- Wes Clemons
Oct. 22- Taylor Six
Oct. 24- Shyann Saenz
Oct. 26- Rebecca Morris, Stephanie Maynez, Bethany Reed
Oct. 28- Jade Morey, Amanda Sturgis
Oct. 29- Zach Bradley, Juan Rodriguez-Polen
Oct. 30- Heather Heinlein
Nov. 1- Mariah Hibbard
Nov. 2- Charlie Carver
Nov. 5- John Crossley, Vanessa Webb
Nov. 6- Jennifer Tyler
Nov. 7- Kayla McAlister, Erin McTaggart
Nov. 9- Haylee Coleman
Nov. 11- Brittany Harmon
Nov. 12- Juan Ochoa, Zara Taylor
Nov. 13- Derek Word, Stephanie Laramore, Steffan Mock
Nov. 15- Jonathan Loftin, Megan Reese
Nov. 18- Raymond Silva, John Harmon
Nov. 21- Shannon Striegel, Ginny Schaeffer
Nov. 23- Austin Karns
Nov. 24- Chrissy Thurman
Nov. 26- Jerelle Hicks, Staci Hoofnagle
Nov. 29- Shea Lacey

You don't know it, but I often escape to the top of a tree,
To watch as the sun sinks slowly behind the hills.
As the bright light of day fades into the calming darkness of night,
The stars appear and the sky suddenly fills.
There's a calming sensation that fills your heart
as this event takes place.
A slight moment when the world no longer exists.
And you're filled with a feeling of grace.
It's a feeling I often long for,
Yet don't always find
for it can only be achieved
through true peace of mind.
So if you ever get a chance to experience this feeling.
Take heed, and cherish it.
For it can linger for days,
or it can stay only for a little bit.
It's disturbing how sometimes, your best just isn't good enough.
How you try your hardest, but it's just too tough.
It's disturbing to know, you're not as good as you thought.
That you could never catch up, no matter how hard you fought.
It's disturbing how you don't know what people think.
What image they see of you, every time they blink.
It's disturbing how people judge, on just the first glance.
How what just one person says, can keep you from experiencing the dance.
It's disturbing how people, take others opinions to heart.
How only one harsh remark, can tear you apart.
It's disturbing how people know nothing about you.
Yet they patronize you, and treat you the way they do.
It's disturbing how some have more than they ever wanted.
And then those who can't get what they need are taunted.
It's disturbing how these things all take place, yet nothing's ever done.
You could take a stand and do something, but wait, that might ruin your fun.
Only a small few get to sing.
And that's just disturbing.
When I hear your name I think.
when someone starts talking about you I think.
I just cant get you out of my mind.
I have so many question.
but no way to ask them.
No way to express how I feel.
I just cant help it.
It's so hard to get your name out of my head.
It's hard to express my feeling
'cause you might laugh at me
I just need more info.
more time to ask my questions.
Only if...
Only if you knew
I do.
Those are the words you say
when they mean
they'll be with you
for the rest of your life
through sickness and health,
death do us part.
Do people keep their promises? No!
Today you see parents getting divorced.
Maybe one person didn't keep their promise.
Maybe they both didn't keep it.
It doesn't matter. They broke their promise.
So why do we say the words
if we are not going to keep them.
If you are not going to keep your promise,
then please don't take my heart out
on the day you say you want a divorce.
So if you're not going to keep your promise
then don't say