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This page features news from South Middle School and around the world.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The Joplin R-8 School Board decided May 9 that in order to participate in extracurricular activities, students must submit to random drug tests.
   A voluntary drug test policy has been in effect for a while for athletes, but the new system is not voluntary and also includes other after-school activitities such as academic teams, cheerleading, and band.
   School officials told KODE that they are interested in the students' welfare and by having students take these drug tests they are less likely to take drugs.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The top 10 for the South Middle School Short Story Contest have been chosen and their stories are on
   Those who are still in the running for the top prize money are: Adela Canales, Marissa Dewane, Amy Herron, Jacob Hock, Ashley King, Mariana Rodriguez, Kelsey Sanders, Skye Smith, Andrea Steere, and Mary White.
   Others who made the top 20 were: Callie Coulson, Chrissy Thurman, Hunter Dowell, Josh Thiele, Andrew Frost, Ashley Kissee, Bethany Reed, Mariah Hibbard, Ryan Keller, and Rachel Huddleston.
   The deadline for the short story contest was Thursday, May 5. There were no length requirements, but those who participated in the contest were told not to make the stories too long.
  More than 100 entries were received, several from sixth grade and one from seventh, but most of the entries came from eighth graders. More than $50 will be awarded to the top 20 in the contest. The first place winner will receive $15, with the top story from sixth and seventh grades receiving $10. Second place will earn $10, third place $5, fourth place $3, fifth place $2, and sixth through 20th places, $1 apiece.
   The judges for the contest include former South Middle School students Lindsey Hamm and Brittany Harmon.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Cheerleaders for the 2005-2006 school year have been selected at South Middle School following tryouts May 5.
   Those chosen were:
   Seventh Grade Fall Cheerleaders- Hannah Doerge, Lacey Heiskell, Loryn Ligon, Victoria Mardis, Amanda Needham, Kaylee Sexton, Cindy Pham, and Kendra Wilson.
   Eighth Grade Fall Cheerleaders- Arlisa Arwood, Lauren Bynam, Jenny Hill, Breanna Hendrix, Breezy Leatherman, and Abbi Smith.
   Seventh Grade Winter Cheerleaders- Rebecca Cooper, Shaynee Johnsson, Tessa Lopez, Casey Schottz, Alicia Shafner, Taylor Tressler, and Samantha Waffen.
   Eighth Grade Winter Cheerleaders- Samantha Cox, Haylee Endicott, Danielle Kleeman, Chelsea Moore, Becca Masher, Ashley Smith, and Amanda Welch.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The South Middle School Band has been keeping busy all spring. On April 6, the band went to NEO College in Miami for a competition. The band received a II rating on its three songs: "Discover America," "Ancient Echoes," and "Stargazer."
   Also, the band had a spring concert May 3 playing "Stargazer," "Bravura!" "Discover America," "Ancient Echoes," and "Of Courage and Valor."
   The band went to Worlds of Fun Saturday, May 7, where it played the same songs it played at NEO. Members of the South Middle School Band are:
   Fifth Hour Band- Joel Gibson, Tyler Goswick, Michael Hasty, Mariah Hibbard, Chris Holcombe, Jennifer Holland, Ryan Keller, Ashley Kissee, Mason Sharp, Kylie Short, Taylor Six, Tyler Terry, Jacob Wade, Eleno Bustamante, Garrett Dowell, Henry Guzman, Dakota Hackworth, Weston Powell, Colby Ritter, Joey Verhaar, Ashton White.
   Seventh Hour Band- Andrew Bass, Nathan Cunningham, Dusty Dupree, Amy Herron, Joseph Hill, James Holesapple, Ashley King, Kourtney Lesmeister, Sam Nguyen, Cameron Parker, Bethany Reed, Christine Vu, Aron Anderson, Brandon Box, Salvador Guzman, Michelle Holden, Sierra Hutchinson, Danielle Kleeman, Shelby McMillen, Eli Moran, Doug Pumphrey, Jeff Taylor, Tevin Triplett, and Mary White.

Room 210 Editor
   Members of the South Middle School Art Club are making a movie, "Horror at 22nd and Wall."
   "It is a cheesy comedy, but a horror story," said club member Hunter Dowell. "It is fun to film and we're all having a blast."
   He said the finished movie will be shown during TA.
   Those participating in the movie are: art club members Sam Cecil, David Nolte, Brian Denmark, Ashley Gideon, and Dowell, and sponsor Mr. Seth Wolfshorndl.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   In Mrs. Linda Weaver's seventh grade reading class, students are reading "The Outsiders," by S. E. Hinton.
   Mrs. Weaver has done this project for 11 years, she said. "Eighth graders have come back and asked if I was still doing "The Outsiders."
   She continued, "I asked the students in my class if they liked this book and 75 percent said, 'It's the best book I've ever read' and we're not even done."
   So if you need a book to read: "The Outsiders" is in.

   Seventh grader Doug Pumphrey took first prize in the annual South Middle School Essay Contest.
  Pumphrey's essay beat out more than 200 other entries. He will receive $15 for his efforts.
   Others in the top 10 and their cash prizes are:
   2. Andrea Steere, $10, 3. Skye Smith, $5; 4. Mariah Hibbard, $3; 5. Ashley Hughes, $2; 6. Kelsey Sanders, $1; 7. Brittany Richardson, $1; 8. Ashley Kissee, $1; 9. Danielle Kleeman, $1; and 10. Nathan Hazley, $1.
   Making the top 20 and receiving $1 apiece are: (listed in alphabetical order) are:
   Aaron Brown, Chase Cox, Mandy DeKruif, Eric Fleming, Robert Hardcastle, Amy Herron, Shawntee Howard, Taybor Parker, Mason Sharp, and Taylor Six.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The South Middle School choir shined at the NEO Contest April 7 in Miami, Okla. The choir received a number one ranking, the highest rank.
   Along with the seventh and eighth grade concert choir, sixth through eighth graders with solos competed. Each hour had at least one ensemble.
  Solos at NEO and their ratings were:
   I+ Arlissa Arwood, Katie Wood, Hannah Doerge, Taylor Tressler
   I Brittany DeKruif, Grant Lewis, Cindy Pham, Skye Smith, Nikki Burkett, Grace Randolph
   I- Stephanie Maynez, Kim Price, Kendra Wilson
   II+ Ethan Knapps
   II Phaze Roeder
   II- Kelly Leach, Airel Welkerson
   III+ Jessica Herron

   Six South Middle School eighth graders have been selected as members of the freshman cheerleading squad at Joplin High School for the 2005-2006 school year.
   Those chosen were: Marissa Dewane, Kelsey Graves, Marki Helms, Jordyn McCutcheon, Brittany Meehl, and Skye Smith.

April 7, 2005 was the South Middle School Choir’s day to shine. The seventh and eighth grade choir went to NEO College in Miami, Okla., which holds the music competition for nearby school choirs.This semester south’s choir has hidden its talent until warmup before it sang for contest. This year, South got a number one, which is the highest rank at contest. Along with the seventh and eighth grade concert choir, sixth through eighth graders with solos competed. Also, each hour had at least one ensemble.Other upcoming events for South's vocal music department include a trip to Worlds of Fun and on April 30

Room 210 Staff Writers
   Mr. Jason Weaver, seventh grade social studies teacher, and Mr. Randy Turner, eighth grade communication arts teacher, have been named finalists for the annual Golden Apple Award for Joplin middle school teachers.
   The two are among five finalists for the honor. The winner will be named Thursday, April 28, at the Joplin Chamber of Commerce Banquet.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Twenty-four South Middle School eighth graders have been chosen to receive National English Merit awards, which are presented each year by the United States Achievement Academy to communication arts students.
   The awards are given to students who have a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, have good citizenship, are good at English, have good attitudes, are enthusiastic, show leadership, dependability, and responsibility.
   The students were nominated by eighth grade communication arts teachers Mrs. Angela Mense and Mr. Randy Turner.
   Students nominated were: Wes Clemons, Mandy DeKruif, Hunter Dowell, Amy Herron, Andrew Frost, Mariah Hibbard, Brandon McCoy, Ashley Kissee, Joey Lewis, Arielle Ideker, Aaron Odom, Amie Mays, Taybor Parker, Bethany Reed, Mason Sharp, Kelsey Sanders, Taylor Six, Skye Smith, Craig Whittington, Andrea Steere, Josh Wise, Rachel Huddleston, Derek Word, and Haylee Coleman.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   South Middle School will soon have its very own newsletter!
   In 2002-2003, South also had a newsletter, but iw was run differently and meetings were held in the library. Now the writing for the newsletter will be almost completely done by Journalism Club students.
   The students meet weekly in Mr. Randy Turner's classroom and have worked hard all year, putting their stories on
   Production work for the newsletter is being done by students in Ms. Yonika Powell's multimedia classes. The first edition of the newsletter is nearly complete, she said.
   It will be in column format, she said, adding that she likes the newsletter because it "displays things that are going on in the school," and it is "very informative."

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The winners of the new student/staff members of the week have been announced at South Middle School.
   One student from each grade and one staff member were selected for the award.
   Those chosen were: Andrew Frost, eighth grade; Jessica Cashion, seventh grade; Faith Mowry, sixth grade; and David Guilford, custodian.
   TA teachers provide students with the nomination forms to fill out. Any student or staff member can be nominated. However, that person has to have proven good citizenship. When filling out the nomination forms, students will be asked to explain why that person should be nominated.
  All forms are taken to Student Council, which then makes the final decisions.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Every year in Mr. Jason Weaver's seventh grade social studies class, students are given the opportunity to travel with him on a spring break trip.
   Each year, Mr. Weaver takes a maximum of 15 students on the trip, which is called "The Living Classroom."
   "It's a student travel organization designed to give kids real-life experience," Mr. Weaver explained. This is his third year sponsoring The Living Classroom.
   While on the trip. the travelers visit a number of sites in Florida, including Orlando and Cocoa Beach.
   The cost of the trip this year was $525 for transportation, tuition, and lodging fees.
   Mr. Weaver's favorite part of this year's trip was "just hanging with the kids outside of school and getting to know people a little bit differently."
   Florida is known for hot, sunny weather, perfect for a spring vacation. How was the weather this year? "For the most part, it was pretty nice- just rained on us for a little bit one day," Mr. Weaver said.
   When you are in Disney World, the Land of Magical Gatherings, you can be sure there's something everyone will enjoy. One thing Mr. Weaver said he enjoyed the most was "The Festival of the Lion King" show "because it had lots of acrobats and dancing and music and it was just a cool show."
   Eighth grader Andrea Steere went on this year's trip and last year's. "My favorite part was probably 'Rock n' Roller Coaster' because on that one, I just loved going upside down," she said.
   Her favorite part of the whole trip, she said, was "just being able to hang out with my best friend and not having any restrictions or anything."
   Having been on the trip the previous year, Miss Steere had the opportunity to explore new parts of the parks and discover new things. "This time I got to do a little bit more things than I did before," she said. "I got to do a little more shopping; last year, it was just running around the parks."
   Mr. Weaver plans to continue sponsoring this trip for years to come. But next year, there may be a slight change in plans. "We're going to try a different route so we can see a few more places along the way," he said. "But otherwise, everything in Florida will be the same."

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Everyone around South Middle School is talking about it. About what, you may ask.
   Spring break, of course!
   "Many people are going out of town," said eighth grader Andrea Steere.
   During spring break some seventh graders are going to Florida on a Living School Room trip sponsored by Mr. Jason Weaver, social studies teacher.
   While some are planning trips, others are staying home and "taking it easy," said eighth grader Adela Canales.
   Have good break everyone !

Room 210 Staff Writers
   Four years ago, Congress passed the "No Child Left Behind" law to improve schools in the United States.
   "No Child Left Behind" says that children should be able to read at their grade level and that schools must show continued improvement year after year.
   The Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) will change the way it tests students in math and communication arts beginning next year.
   Students will be tested in every grade from third through eighth in both subjects to follow the requirements of the law.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The South Middle School Quiz Bowl team competed at Memorial Feb. 15, going against students from Memorial and North middle schools.
   "It went very well," sponsor Mr. Jason Weaver, sponsor. "We surprised ourselves and showed that we were getting better."
   Quiz bowl competitors have been practicing 3 to 4:15 p.m. every Wednesday in Room 101.
   South Middle School fielded three teams in the competition at Memorial. Students who participated included: Andrew Frost, Tyler Terry, Ashley Kissee, Joey Lewis, Skye Smith, Brittany Richardson, Mandi DeKruif, Arielle Ideker, Derek Word, Aaron Ihm, Andrea Steere, Noelle Kownslar, and Bethany Reed.

Room 210 Staff Writer

   On February 1 at 6:30 p.m. students from Mr. Rocky Biggers social studies classes gathered in the South Middle School auditorium with their families to watch and present their Project Citizen projects.
  They were to be judged on the oral half of their projects. The classes were judged the day before on the physical appearance of their projects. "I was really excited about our project and the potential to win," said eighth grader Callie Onstott.
   The judging panel consisted of Mr. Caryn Deckard, Mrs. Cheryl McCutcheon, Mr. Randy Turner, and Mr. Jason Weaver,  "The judge selection was strictly on a volunteer basis," said Mr. Biggers.
   After the presentations were graded, results were tallied. In first place with 735 points was seventh hour's project on Mine Subsidence. In second place was third hour's plan to open a day care center at the high school for teen moms.
   These projects will now represent South Middle School at Jefferson City in the state competition March 7. "It was fun to watch what creative ideas Mr. Biggers' students came up with, and I really enjoyed judging," said Mr. Randy Turner.
   "I was very pleased in how it went, and the turnout of families we had," said Mr. Biggers.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Three South Middle School teachers have been nominated for the annual Golden Apple Awards presented by Joplin Chamber of Commerce.
   Ms. Joyce Wall, SUCCESS teacher; Mr. Jason Weaver, seventh grade social studies; and Mr. Randy Turner, eighth grade communication arts teacher, were nominated for the awards, which recognize excellent teaching in the Joplin community.
  The awards are designed to recognize teachers who play a tremendous role in our lives. Teachers give us the knowledge we need to succeed in life; they help us to show respect to others and help us to be responsible, as well as teaching us about the subject matter.
   Everyone has had a favorite teacher, a teacher who inspires his or her students to succeed, never give up, and maybe even inspired them to become teachers themselves.
   Golden Apple Award winners are chosen from each grade level. Ms. Wall, Mr. Weaver, and Mr. Turner, will be among those considered for the middle school honor, along with nominees from other Joplin public and private schools.

Room 210 Staff Writers
   The South Middle School Library is now open every Wednesday from 3 to 4:15 p.m. for the rest of the school year, according to librarian Mrs. Bonnie Turner.
   The program is open to students who are doing school-related research, Mrs. Turner said.
   Mrs. Turner said the reason she chose to make this program available is to help students catch up on research projects or to continue research.
   "There are many books and research materials available, so I wish all of you guys would take up the opportunity," said Mrs. Turner.
Room 210 Staff Writers
   Children are our future, and it is a blessing every time a child is born. You never know when a child could grow up to do something that they could get a Nobel Prize for.
  At Freeman Hospital, a miracle was born, literally.
   Mrs. KarenSue Hensley, counselor at South Middle School, just gave birth to her son, Wyatt, Thursday, Feb. 3. He weighs nine pounds, five ounces and is 21 inches long.
   While Mrs. Hensley is on maternity leave, Sandy Robinson, a retired counselor, is taking her place.
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The newest club in school has made its primetime debut. South Middle School Poetry Club is led by Ms. Sheri Medlock.
   The Poetry Club meets 3:10 to 4 p.m. every Tuesday. It is designed for people who like poetry and want to share their writing and learn more about the subject.
   The idea for Poetry Club popped into Ms. Medlock's head while she was doing a unit on poetry in her eighth grade reading class. "I noticed a few people who wrote their own poetry. Plus, a student suggested it," she said.
   Last week, seven students, Tyler Goswick, Kyle Jones, Josh Wise, Arielle Ideker, Bethany Reed, Sam Cecil and Chrissy Thurman, attended. Even more attended this week.
   "The first Poetry Club meeting was interesting," said Bethany Reed, who recommends the club to others.
  The only requirement for being in Poetry Club is to like poetry. "Walk-ins are welcome," Ms. Medlock said. "However, if there is an initiation, well, let's just say it won't be painful."

Room 210 Staff Writer
   In three short years, South Middle School as we know it may cease to exist.
   The people will have to vote for a plan being presented by district officials for it to happen, but here is the plan:
   If a levy increase proposal passes, Joplin will build two middle schools, a brand new school on 50th Street to hold 900 students and building on to North Middle School so it will be able to hold 900 students.
   Restoration work will also be done with classrooms added at Stapleton and Cecil Floyd elementary schools.
   The plan will be paid for, SMS Principal Mr. Ron Mitchell told Journalism Club members recently through a personal property tax increase which will raise the tax for the average property owner about $25 a year.
   Over 20 years, this tax will create $28 million to build the schools, but the Joplin R-8 School District will take a loan from the bank for the amount so the construction can take place in three years.
   According to Mr. Mitchell, students will continue to attend South Middle School during the first year while the new middle school on 50th is being built.
  When students are ready to move into the new building, the current South Middle School will become Stapleton Elementary while work is being done at that school.
   More on the plan will be featured later on this website.
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The final second quarter honor roll field trip will be held today when eighth graders go to the mall to eat, then continue to Carl Richard Bowl for the afternoon.
   The trip is a reward for students who achieved high grades. The sixth graders who made the honor roll took the trip Tuesday, Jan. 25, while seventh graders went Thursday, Jan. 27.
   Ms. Julie Yonkers is the coordinator for the trips. Teachers who assisted Ms. Yonkers were: Mrs. Deanna Valenti, sixth grade trip; Mrs. Linda Weaver, seventh grade trip; and Ms. Joyce Wall and Mr. Randy Turner, eighth grade trip.

Room 210 Staff Writers
   Mr. Reed Barnes, band director at South Middle School, takes his band seriously. To prepare for parades, band members do "Lots and lots of marching and playing," he said.
   "They dress appropriately for the weather and try to be in O. K. physical shape. They must also memorize their music."
   Preparation for a parade is not easy. "They will march for about one mile per rehearsal," Mr. Barnes said, "or if it is a mass rehearsal, about two miles. The parades are one to two miles long."
   The band works well together to get into the marching mood, said Mr. Barnes. "When the band plays well, I get excited. If they start forgetting their music (because of nerves) I do get a bit on the grouchy side."


This is one of the entries in the Liger Contest in Ms. Sheri Medlock's eighth grade reading class. The contest winner is scheduled to be announced Monday, Jan. 24.
Room 210 Photo by Noelle Kownslar

Room 210 Staff Writer
   A contest is taking place in Ms. Sheri Medlock's eighth grade reading class...not just any contest, this is a magical contest.
   In the movie, "Napolean Dynamite," there is a reference to a mystical creature called a liger. The liger is a cross between a lion and a tiger, bred for its skills in magic.
   In Ms. Medlock's class, the importance of the liger has finally been noticed.In honor of the mighty liger and because Ms. Medlock was tired of hearing movie quotes, a drawing contest has been announced.
   The liger contest has three categories:
   -The one that looks the most like Napolean's
   -The most original liger
   -The cutest liger
   The winners will receive great prizes. "I am going to Hot Topic this weekend to buy stickers and buttons from the movie," said Ms. Medlock. Judging will take place this weekend with the winner scheduled to be announced Monday, Jan. 24.

Room 210 Staff Writers
   Students recently did a paper in Mr. Randy Turner's eighth grade communication arts classes tackling the question "Do teens have too much stuff?"
   Room 210 reporters asked 24 students and 12 teachers that questions. Both groups agreed that teens have too much stuff, but more teachers thought so than students.
   Of the students, 14 said teens have too much stuff while 10 said they did not. The teachers thought they had too much stuff by an 11-1 margin.
   "it's not that they have too much stuff," eighth grader Bethany Reed said, "it's just that commercials hypnotize them into wanting things."


Mrs. Gayla Moss is the new sixth grade block teacher at South Middle School.
Room 210 photo by Noelle Kownslar

Room 210 Staff Writers
   Mrs. Julie Mooney, sixth grade block teacher during the first semester, has moved to Kansas to rejoin her husband who accepted a job there.
  Taking Mrs. Mooney's place is Mrs. Gayla Moss. Mrs. Moss just finished student teaching at Eastmorland Elementary and has graduated from Missouri Southern State University.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Students who have spent their spare time reading will be rewarded for it today (Jan. 11).
   After each quarter, the students get to use the points they earned through reading and taking AR (Accelerated Reader) tests to buy stuff sold at the AR Store.
   "Our PTO funds the reading department by purchasing items that the students can spend their points on," said Mrs. Linda Weaver, Reading Department chairman at South Middle School. This also encourages the students to read because they benefit from doing so, she said.
   At South Middle School, students take reading tests at the beginning of the year to determine what each student's reading level should be.
   After the results are complete, teachers give the students their reading levels along with point goals for them to achieve. To reach their goals, they must take tests over each book they read in the AR program.
   "It's an independent reading program designed for students to practice their reading skills in the classroom," said Mrs. Weaver, who also teaches seventh grade reading.
   After the students have their reading levels, she said, "all the books have points and reading levels they're worth and students are given the opportunity to read a book that's on their reading level, and in turn, reach a goal. This gives students a sense of accomplishment when they read novels, pass tests, and reach goals." South students have been involved in the AR program for more than 15 years.
   Reading is a good way for everyone to develop skills in a lot of different ways and also builds imagination, helping people to gain more knowledge. Mrs. Weaver says that this helps students "by practicing the reading skills that they learn in the classroom."
   For example, in yoiur math class, your teacher doesn't give you a textbook and tell you to learn all the skills in it and then give you a different lesson to learn the next day. The AR program is just the same. That is why students take AR tests over the books they read. That is to make sure they are paying attention to what they are reading and they are learning from it as well, Mrs. Weaver said.
   The Accelerated Reader program is efficient in that it has raised the level of student learning, Mrs. Weaver added. "All (reading) teachers require AR to be a part of their students' grades so (students) don't take advantage of the program and will take it seriously," she said. "It's a way of encouraging their students to practice their reading skills independently.
   "Students who read a lot independently increase their vocabulary, comprehension skills, and their ability to read fluently," said Mrs. Weaver, "and hopefully it will increase their interest and enjoyment in reading a variety of other materials."

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Project Citizen has finally taken off. Each class has picked its final project for the annual competition in which students come up with projects to help their community or school.
   Mr. Rocky Biggers, social studies teacher and project sponsor, told his classes the projects are due by Feb. 1. The projects will be judged at South Middle School, with the best class taking its project to Jefferson City for the state competition.
   "The students are very excited about their projects and are buckling down and really getting the needed information on their projects," said Mr. Biggers.
   Following is a list of each hour's projects:
   Second hour- Public transportation
   Third hour- Not enough time to eat school lunch
   Fourth hour- Teen pregnancy/bike lanes
   Fifth hour- Not enough time to do homework
   Sixth hour- Tutoring/low water bridges
   Seventh hour- Mine subsidence
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The results are in on the annual Penny Wars competition and sixth grade won with a positive 2500 points. That's a lot of pennies. The money raised by South Middle School's students went to buy Christmas gifts for kids in need.
   Student Council counted all of the pennies and more than $900 was raised.
   Seventh grade finished second and eighth grade placed third.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The Greek culture is replete with examples of great thinkers, politicians, artisans, and in general, great men who accomplished many great things that are still remembered today. Mr. Jason Weaver's seventh grade social studies class was asked to present an awards show for famous Greeks such as these.
   "It is an awards show we host every year where students recognize Greek philosophers or inventors who've made an impact on the world," said Mr. Weaver.
   In the Greek Awards, the students use sources such as encyclopedias, books, textbooks, and the internet to find information on their Greek accomplishers.
   "The first time went pretty well for our first time through. Everyone was organized, prepared, ready," Mr. Weaver said.
   In these awards, the students not only get to use creativity and have fun while at it, but they learn a lot of history as well.
   "I'd say it's a more interesting way for students to research and present rather than to just read it to the class," said Mr. Weaver. The students find out facts about their candidates such as their major accomplishments, the impact of their accomplishments today, how to correctly pronounce their names, their dates of birth and death, and their city of origin.
   "What they're actually doing is researching Greek philosophers to learn about what they did and how it is still important today. It's more creative than to just read about all 15 and write reports on all 15."
   So, hearing all of these good things about the Greek Awards, if this is such a great show, is it as good as the VMAs?
   "Um, well, there are a few less lights, smoke machines, and video clips, but the students take it seriously, and I asked them to dress up and they did, so yeah, it's a pretty good show."

Room 210 Staff Writer
   South Middle School students have brought in more than $800 for toys for children through the annual Penny Wars competition sponsored by the Student Council.
   The final results are scheduled to be announced this afternoon (Friday, Dec. 17) during an assembly in the school auditorium.
   Student Council members shopped for the toys this morning and that's the favorite part of Penny Wars for long-time Student Council sponsor Mr. Rocky Biggers.
   ""I love the shopping part because it's so much fun," Mr. Biggers said.
   The rules of Penny Wars are relatively simple:
   -Each penny collected is worth one positive point.
   -Silver coins and paper money represent negative points.
   The winning grade, which will be announced at today's assembly, will receive bragging rights.
   Penny Wars has been a holiday tradition at South for many years. Mr. Biggers said the game was here before he was and that he just took it over and he has been here 12 years. That means that the Penny Wars have been here at least as long as some sixth and seventh graders have been alive.
   Though most of the game is fun, there is one part of the annual competition that Mr. Biggers and the Student Council dread. "Counting all of the money," he said. "It's just so time consuming."
Room 210 Staff Writers
   Mrs. Julie Mooney, sixth grade reading teacher, will teach her last day at South Middle School today (Friday, Dec. 17.) Mrs. Mooney has been here for three years.
   She said it has been fun teaching here, but she is leaving to be with her husband, who has accepted a job in Kansas. For the rest of this school year, she will be a stay-at-home mom. Next year, she plans to teach in Kansas City.
   "It has been a wonderful three years," she said. She has one message for her students:
   "Keep up the good work and keep reading."
Room 210 Staff Writer
   A baby shower was held Thursday, Dec. 16, after school for math teacher Mrs. Barbara Rooker who will have a baby girl sometime around Jan. 23.
   This will be the second child Mrs. Rooker has had.
   The party featured punch and a pink, baby-themed cake. It was attended by many faculty members and Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal
   One activity was picking the middle name for the baby. That decision has still not been made. The baby's first name is Morgan.
   South Middle Schoolers who want to help select the baby's middle name can go to the poll on Room 210's home page.

Room 210 Staff Writer
 The first eighth grade dance of the 2004-2005 school year will be held 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 10, in the Memorial Middle School gymnasium. KSYN 92.5 will provide the dj for the event. Student councils from South, Memorial, and North are playing host to the dance.
    Mr.Rocky Biggers, SMS Student Council sponsor said, "Only eighth grade students from Joplin are allowed, follow the dress code, it’s non-formal. If you’ve gotten an ASD, ISS, or OSS this week then  don’t expect to get in at all. There’s been a rumor going around that if you get a ZAP you won’t get to go to the dance, but the ZAP class won’t
affect you at all...but if you skip it that’s a different story. If you skip ZAP class, then you won’t get in. Your name will be crossed off the list."
   This dance will have a large impact on whether any more such events will be held, Mr. Biggers said. "One thing that you’ve got to understand  is that the dances don’t go over well. If this one doesn’t go well, then you won’t be seeing another dance. It’s bad enough for the sixth and seventh graders, because they won’t have one for a long time, if ever."

Room 210 Staff Writers
   The eighth grade boys basketball team has begun practice.
The sport gives eighth grade boys a chancce to show off their basketball skills and keep in shape at the same time.
   Among those trying out this year are: Taylor Six, Austin Belk, Craig Whittington, Jerelle Hicks, Sam Nguyen, Dante Robertson, Joseph Hill, Brandon McCoy, Ryan Keller, Ryan Marsh, Micah Fort, Jeril Thomas, Quinton Fenske, and Wes Clemons.
   This is Coach Jason Vieselmeyer's sixth year in coaching, something he likes doing very much. He has also coached at Joplin High School and at Memorial Middle School.
   "It should be a fun season," he said. "Some of the players are bigger and faster. There are some new faces that will help us out."
   Sam Nguyen says basketball is his favorite sport. It is also Jeril Thomas' favorite sport and "I'm good at it," he added.
   Brandon McCoy received encouragement to try out. "I was playing basketball with friends and they told me to try out."
   The team begins its season at tne Neosho Tournament Jan. 5-8.
Other games are as follows:
   Monday, Jan. 10- North
   Tuesday, Jan. 11- at Triway
   Thursday, Jan. 13- Carthage
   Monday, Jan. 17- at Nevada
   Tuesday, Jan. 18- at Granby
   Monday, Jan. 24- Memorial
   Tuesday, Jan. 25- Seneca
   Thursday, Jan. 27- at Webb City
   Tuesday, Feb. 1- Neosho
   Monday-Friday, Feb. 7-11- Tri-County Tournament
   A game with Webb City will also be scheduled with the date to be announced.
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The South Middle School Christmas Concert will be held 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 16, in the school auditorium. All vocal groups will perform.
   Those include:
   Sixth grade choir, Concert Choir (seventh and eighth grade), Southern Belles, and Southside Singers. The vocal groups will sing a mixture of songs, according to Ms. Julie Yonkers, director.
   Soloists include: Katie Wood, C. J. Coraham, Arlisa Arwood, Nikki Burkett, and Molle Samuels.
   To prepare for a concert, Ms. Yonkers said, the students "practice, practice, practice."
Room 210 Staff Writer
   Mr. Rocky Biggers' seventh hour social studies class visited the Joplin Museum Complex Nov. 30 to get more information for their Project Citizen project on mining in this area.
   The group was greeted by Chris Wisemen, tour guide, who specializes in area mining.
   Mr. Wiseman showed a lifesize map of the area. He said miners in this area looked for two main minerals, lead and zinc. He said there were also test mine shafts in this area.
   "It was a really cool experience and it was interesting to see the different rocks common to this area," said Callie Onstot.
  The class was taken to a back meeting room, where it learned what lead and zinc looked like and how to tell the difference. The students had the opportunity to run a streak and sniff test, and view the crystals with magnifying glasses.
   "I really enjoyed trying to find the difference between lead, zinc, and a normal rock," said Ethan Neely. The class then viewed the history of Joplin Museum.
   "It was really informative, and we got some good information on our subject," Mr. Biggers said. "Also, I think the class really enjoyed the trip and got into it."
   A quiz bowl meet with Memorial Middle School, originally scheduled to be held Dec. 2 at South has been rescheduled to Tuesday, Dec. 14, after school, due to teacher meetings, according to Mr. Jason Weaver, sponsor.
   The meet was originally scheduled to include North Middle School, but North is not fielding a team this year.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Second quarter unsatisfactory notices (unsats) were issued recently to students with D or F grades. Sixty less were sent out this time compared to first quarter, according to school officials.
   "I am very happy with the number of unsats," said Ms. Peggy Day, assistant principal.
   Teachers told Room 210 they were happy with the reduced number but they would be happier if that number could be reduced to zero.
   Will the trend continue. Mr. Reed Barnes, band teacher, hopes it does, but thinks tough times may be ahead. "Third quarter is usually the slack off quarter," he said. "I hope I'm wrong (about that) so we will have fewer unsats."

Room 210 Staff Writers
   South Middle School students completed the annual Reading Promotion successfully Nov. 22, having read 1,352 books over a six-week period.
   The students' goal was 1,200. The Reading Promotion is done to encourage SMS students to read more books. Reading teachers set the goal of how many books student were to read. The students chose what the principals would have to do if the goal was met.
   This year, Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal, had to dress up as a cheerleader all day, while Ms. Peggy Day, assistant principal, wore a football uniform.
   The program concluded with an assembly in the SMS Auditorium Nov. 22. As students entered, trumpeters Joel Gibson, Ryan Keller, Bethany Reed, Doug Pumphrey, and Gabby Long played the fanfare, which was directed by Jacob Wade.
   Reading Program Chairman Mrs. Linda Weaver announced that the students had met their goal. After that, two football players tackled football uniform-wearing Coach Kasey Plyler, whom they had mistaken for Ms. Day. Then the players had to hunt Ms. Day down.
   When Mr. Mitchell stood in his cheerleader uniform and asked for another cheer, SMS students "stood up with the Eagle pride." It did not appear, however, that he planned to dress as a cheerleader any longer than necessary.
   Mr. Mitchell said, "No, this is not something I would do just for anyone anytime."

Room 210 Editor
   Parents of South Middle School students can get information about their children, such as grades, attendance, daily assignments, announcements, and any disciplinary actions through a new program known as Project Connect.
   "Parent Connect is a way that parents can log on to the Joplin R-8 website and look at their students' progress online, anytime, day or night," said Mr. Ron Mitchell, South Middle School principal.
   Mrs. Linda Weaver, seventh grade reading teacher, said the program was set up because it "eases the ability for parents to know what their children are doing in school."
   She added, "If any parents is not using it, they should check with the secretary at the school to get enrolled to use the program."

Room 210 Staff Writers
   South Middle School Student Council members handed out surveys to students Nov. 18 during TA.
   "We really need to know what the student body wants Student Council to do," eighth grade representative Jordyn McCutcheon said.
   The survey was explained by Mr. Rocky Biggers, Student Council faculty sponsor. "The survey was a follow-up. We wanted to know the student body's opinion. The survey asked the questions, 'What do you want to see Student Council do for the school?" It also asked, "What do you want to see Student Council do for the community" "What do you want improved about the school" and "How do you feel about Student Council's job so far."
   "I liked the questions," Mr. Biggers said. "They should give us input."
   Student Council representatives will compile that information and get the statistics and reveal them at a later date.
Room 210 Staff Writer
  This year's Academic Award Presentation, held at Joplin High School Nov. 16 had about 100 South Middle School students participating.
   Students participating were:
   Sixth grade- Jordan Adams, Cameron Bryan, Lloyd Burrow, Taylor Burton, Ysabeau Carrol, Kovon Chew, Zacheray Cloven, Lane Hampton, Corey Hounschell, Kylie Hurrel, Shaynee Johnson, Mathew McCoy, Christian Miller, Candance Moreland, Mark Pate, Derrik Pence, Allen Peterson, Mitchell Simpson, Savannah Sweeton, and Craig Yeoman.
   Seventh grade- Aaron Brown, Lauren Bynum, Jessica Cashion, Mayra Castaneda, Chase Cox, Jacob Daniel, Phoenix Dickerson, Ariel Divine, Annie Finn, Tiffani Gilbert, Kristin Grazer, Kayla Hess, Gabriel Londe, Blake Mills, Jacob Murdock, Grace Randolph, Colby Ritter, Mackenszee Roberts, Juan Rojo, Jeremiah Schaffer, Clayton Stehm, Kellen Taylor, Blake Tune, Caleb Wheeler, Kaleb Wilson, Christian Young, and Ken Zhang.
   Eighth grade- Dakotah Allen, Alex Baldwin, Nikki Burkett, Gary Busby, Adela Canales, Samantha Cecil, Wes Clemons, Haylee Coleman, Amanda DeKruif, Hunter Dowell, Carl Evans, Quinton Fenske, Eric Fleming, Micah Fort, Taryn Haggard, Marki Helms, Amy Herron, Mariah Hibbard, Jessica Hill, Joseph Hill, Haylee Howerton, Rachel Huddleston, Arielle Ideker, Austin Karns, Ashley Kissee, Noelle Kownsler, Joseph Lewis, Kasey McCaslin, Brandon McCoy, Joel Mitchell, Samantha Moore, Katie Moreland, Taybor Parker, Jordyn Pierce, Kim Price, Bethany Reed, Mariana Rodriguez, Kelsey Sanders, Mason Sharp, Taylor Six, Andrew Smith, Skye Smith, Ethan Southard, Brandie Spencer, Andrea Steere, Tyler Terry, Jeril Thomas, Christine Vu, Megan Wawrzyniak, Kelsey Williams, Josh Wise, and Derek Word.
Room 210 Staff Writers
   Students have a way of solving their social conflicts with a program supplied by South Middle School
   Mr. Brent Thompson is the faculty sponsor for Peer Mediation, a program through which students can resolve their problems before taking them to Ms. Peggy Day, assistant principal, or Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal.
   Two students from each grade take students in peer mediation to resolve problems. "This is a good program where students sit down with other students to resolve conflicts before taking it to the office.," Mr. Thompson said.
   Peer Mediation is held during T.A. Students can sign themselves up, or be referred by other students or by faculty members.
   "In my opinion," Mr. Thompson said, "this is a good program."
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The Homework Center at South Middle School helps children with their homework when they don't clearly know how to do it.
   The center plays a role in the decrease in the number of unsats (unsatisifactory reports sent at mid-quarter).
   The number of students who attend the homework center varies between 10 and 12. It stays open between 3 and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
   The teachers who are in charge are Miss Jamie Frazier, Mrs. Joyce  Hale and Mrs. Debbie Moore.
   "Homework center is a good institution for children who apply themselves," said Miss Frazier.
Room 210 Staff Writers
   Members of the South Middle School Quiz Bowl are working hard and learning a lot to be better prepared for their first meet, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 8 at South.
   Two teams from South will compete against teams from North and Memorial middle schools.
   "We have been doing increasingly better as we go," said Mr. Jason Weaver, sponsor. The team practices each Wednesday after school.
  Students involved in quiz bowl are: Rachel Huddleston, Tyler Terry, Andrew Frost, Andrea Steere, Bethany Reed, Derek Word, Joey Lewis, Ashlee Kissee, Gary Busby, Arielle Ideker, Amber Porter, Mandy DeKruif, Adela Canales, Zoe Mowry, Aaron Odom, Brittany Richardson, and Skye Smith.
   As their reporters were feverishly working to keep South Middle School students informed Thursday, Nov. 18, after school, Journalism Club Editorial Board members Bethany Reed, Katy Polen, and Ashley Kissee, worked on signs to promote the Journalism Club's website,
   The Editorial Board hopes to get more people to read the stories being written by club members. Articles written by approximately 25 club members have been featured on the website during the past month.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Unsats (unsatisfactory grades) for South Middle School students are due from teachers today (Nov. 17) and will be sent to parents by the end of the week, according to school officials.
   Parents will receive them in the mail.
   Assistant Principal Ms. Peggy Day referred to the unsats as "a great way to tell students and parents to get working on grades before the end of the quarter."
   The ZAP (Zeros Aren't Permitted) program has helped cut down on the number of unsats, she said. "The ZAP program has helped students to get their work done; causnig them to get their grades up."
   Mrs. Joyce Hale, sixth grade teacher, thinks unsats are a good idea. "They make students work harder when they know they are failing," she said.
  Students who are making D or F grades in their classes receive the unsats. Parents are encouraged to set up conferences with teachers to help their children bring their grades up before the end of the quarter.

   A strong second quarter was a highlight for the South Middle School eighth grade basketball team in its 36-12 loss to Neosho at Memorial Middle School Nov. 15.
   The Eagles fell behind 14-0 at the end of the first quarter, but played the visitors even for the next six minutes.
   Cassi Doody's shot block led to South's first basket, a Jessica Hill putback. After two more Neosho baskets, Hill scored off another offensive rebound. South scored its final first half basket when Kourtney Lesmeister hit from outside on a feed from Kelsey Sanders. Neosho led 20-6 at halftime.
   The Wildcats outscored South 11-1 in the third period, with South's only point coming on a Kourtney Lesmeister free throw.
   The Eagles added five more points in the final quarter on a Sanders two-pointer and three points from Doody. Doody's final basket was a highlight for the host team. After Hill cleared the boards on the defensive end, Kayla Lesmeister found Doody open on the baseline. She drove, banked in the basket and was fouled.
   South Statistics- Points- Hill 4, Sanders 3, Doody 2, Ka. Lesmeister 2, Ko. Lesmeister 1; Rebounds- Hill 11, Ka. Lesmeister 3, Doody 2, Sanders 2, Ko. Lesmeister 1; Assists- Ka. Lesmeister 2, Sanders 1; Steals- Sanders 2, Ko. Lesmeister 2, Doody 2, Hill 1; Blocked Shots- Doody 1.
   In the B game, the best moments came late for South as it fell to Neosho 20-4. Only six points were scored in the first half, all by Neosho. The Wildcats added a basket at the beginning of the third quarter before Kim Price put South in the scoring column with a free throw. The score after three quarters was 14-1. South scored its only basket midway through the fourth quarter, thanks to a Callie Onstot steal and assist on a two-pointer by Deedria Woods. Price added the final South point on a free throw in the last minute.
   A highlight for the Eagles was the solid rebounding of  Woods and Ashley Hughes, who garnered fjve and four rebounds respectively in the second half.
   South scoring- Price 2, Woods 2

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Students don't know much about the government and how it works.
   That's why Mr. Rocky Biggers, social studies teacher, started Project Citizen for eighth graders at South Middle School. He thought that it would be a good way for kids to get involved and find out what they can do to help make a difference
   Students, for the most part, have never actually made a difference during their time at South, but Mr. Biggers hopes that it will happen someday. He said that his classes have come up with some good ideas. Among those are:
   Second Hour- Public transportation
   Third Hour- Daycare for moms who go to school; bicycle safety
   Fourth Hour- Cross walk; railroad crossing
   Fifth Hour- Still working on ideas
   Sixth Hour- Public transportation
   Seventh Hour- Speeding in school zones
   South was the first middle school in Joplin to do Project Citizen. North and Memorial have added the program this year.
  Mr. Biggers said he plans on doing Project Citizen "forever."
Room 210 Staff Writer
   A busy month of December is in store for South Middle School bands.
   The band is scheduled to march in the annual Carthage Christmas Parade 6:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 6, followed by the Joplin Christmas Parade 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 7.
   The holiday concert at South Middle School will be held 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14.
Room 210 Staff Writers
   Technology has crept into our schools over the years. Today, we even have a multi-media class devoted to it.
   In South Multi-Media class, according to Miss Yonika Powell, teacher, "we have been working on the school webpage." Students will soon be able to view a list of clubs, what is happening with the faculty, upcoming events and even the cafeteria menu.
   Also the multi-media class has been working power point programs, web pages, Inspiration page on which students can post feelings, and many more projects.
  "Multi-media is a fun class to participate in and teach," said Miss Powell.
   The students also enjoy the class. "It teaches you to how to use the computer more efficienty," said eighth grader Shelby Good.
   Eighth grader Jacob Hock said, "It's a nice class because it has a nice teacher and you get to learn a lot of things."
Room 210 Staff Writer
   Do you think the mayor of Joplin would come to South Middle School?
   If you said yes, then you were correct. Do you think that he came to South when he was our age? The correct answer to that question is also yes. Back then, the school was called South Junior High.
   Mayor Phil Stinnett talkd about the Joplin government system and about Project Citizen, which has begun in Mr. Rocky Biggers' eighth grade social studies classes at South.
   Mr. Stinnett talked about Joplin being a charter city, which means that the city has a written document which provides all of its rules and laws. The city has nine council members. Four members are zone council members who are elected by people in certain areas of the city, while the other five are general council members who are elected by everyone in the city.
   In a charter form of government, the people approve the charter and eligible voters can change it. In addition to the city council members, other city officials are the city clerk, city attorney, city manager, and city judge.
   The city clerk is the record  keeper. The city attorney represents the city and advises it about the law. The judge takes care of violators of city laws. The city manager, who is hired by the council, manages the operation of the city government.
   Second hour students not only heard the mayor speak, but also received pens, according to Mr. Biggers.

Room 210 Staff Writers
   One out of four quarters is already gone. Now it’s time for another fun honor field trip. Students who made A and B grades during the first quarter will go skating next week with sixth graders going Monday, Nov. 15, seventh graders Tuesday, Nov. 16, and eighth graders Wednesday, Nov. 17. Those who are eligible for the trips are:

Sixth grade- Jordan Adame, Markisha Adams, Dalton Anderson, Hunter Bailey, Ariel baker, Breanna Baker, Jacob Bennett, Jaqueln Bogarin, Austin Bolt, Jennifer Brock, Arthur Brown, Taylor Burton, Gina Casada, Blanca Castaneda, Kovan Chew, Zachary Cloven, Christen Cool, Rebecca Cooper, Makaila Craig, Levi Crews, Michael Daudherty, Timothy Davis, Chelsea dawson, Brittany Dekruif, Stephen Denmark, Christopher Diles, Carly Dodson, Hannah Deorge, Michael Dowell, Tate Duley, Zachary Dunnic, David Evans, Leah Forkner, Rachael Foster, Brian Geier, Tyler Graves, Zachery Grimes, Lane Hampton, Paige Harmon, Alexis Hawk, Lacy Heiskell, Hanna Helms, Christy Hernandez, Jessica Herron, Dustin Hill, Corey Hounschell, Cheyenne Howard, Joseph Huddleston, Spencer Hunt,Kylie Hurrell, Alexander Johnson, Shaynee Johnson, William Kessler, Ethan Knapps, Leif Larson, Kelley Leach, Matthew Lemieux, Grant Lewis, Loryn Ligon, Teressa Luper, Jessica Marquez, Breanna Martin, Kayle Martin, Andrew Mays, Kane Mccaslin, Matthew Mccoy, Robert Mckinney, Christian Miller, Seth Mitchell, Candace Moreland, Amber Morris, Nathan Morris, Faith Mowry, Taylor Mulik, Amanda Needham, Melania Nicolas, Brandon, Norris, Ryan II Ottis, Kelsey Pace, Mark Pate, Allen Peterson, Cindy Pham, Dylan Prauser, Rachel Richins, Jacob Robbins, Jesse Rowe, Cody Sadler, Mollie Sanders, Nicholas Schachel, Cassey Schulize, Timothy Scroggins, Kaylee Sexton, Latasha Sherrick, Morgan Shillings,Alicia Shofner, Mitchell Simpson, Angela Sliger, Dylan Smith, Victoria Smith, Daniel Story, Emily Sturgis, Savanah Swerton, Zane Taylor, Dustin Trebbe, Taylor Tressler, Bryce Tune, Tyler Walker, Angela Wallander, Blake Ward, Ana Warner, Samantha Warren, Amanda Webster, Ryan White, Ashley Whittington, Aeriel Wilkerson, Steven Williams, Kendra Wilson, Dillon Winstead, Tamera Wirick, Katelynn Wood, Anthony Woodworth, Shandera Workman, Taler Wright,Craig Yeoman and Ken Zhang.

Seventh Grade- Jordan Adame, Markisha Adams, Dalton Anderson, Hunter Bailey, Ariel Baker, Breanna Baker, Jacob Bennett, Jacqueline Bogarin, Austin Bolt, Jennifer Brock, Arthur Brown, Taylor Burton, Gina Casada, Blanca Castaneda, Kovan Chew, Zachary Cloven, Christen Cool, Rebecca Cooper, Mikaila Craig, Levi Crews, Michael Daugherty, Timothy Davis, Chelsea Dawson, Brittney DeKruif, Steven Denmark, Christopher Diles, Carly Dodson, Hannah Doerge, Michael Dowell, Tate Duley, Zachery Dunnic, David Evans, Leah Forkner, Rachael Foster, Brian Geier, Dakota Gilmore, Tyler Graves, Zachary Grimes, Lane Hampton, Paige Harmon, Alexis Hawk, Lacy Heiskell, Hannah Helms, Christy Hernandez, Jessica Herron, Dustin Hill, Corey Hounschell, Cheyenne Howard, Joseph Huddleston, Spencer Hunt, Kylie Hurrell, Alexander Johnson, Shaynee Johnson, William Kessler, Ethan Knapps, Leif Larson, Kelley Leach, Matthew Lemieux, Grant Lewis, Loryn Ligon, Teressa Luper, Jessica Marquez, Breanna Martin, Kayle Martin, Andrew Mays, Kane McCaslin, Matthew McCoy, Robert McKinney, Christian Miller, Seth Mitchell,Candace Moreland, Amber Morris, Nathan Morris, Faith Mowry, Taylor Mulik, Jessica Myers, Alexandria Needham, Derek Nolte, Chelsey Osburn, Samantha Oxford, Alyssa Park, Madison Pollack, Melody Price, Douglas Pumphrey, Grace Randolph, Colby Ritter, Mackenszee Roberts, Sheriddan Robinson, Juan Rojo, Danielle Russell, Marissa Shaurette, Ashlie Shimmon, Shelby Simon, Abbi Smith, Matheu Smith, Felicia Spicer, Rochelle Stanley, Clayton Stehm, Shelby Sullivan, Jeffery Taylor, Kellen Taylor, Tevin Triplett, Michael Underwood, Caleb Wheeler, Zachary Williams-Klein, Christian Young, and Tamara Zajac.

Eighth Grade- James Anderson, Christopher Armstrong, Elise Ashworth, Jessica Bates, Austin Belk, Tabytha Bennett, Zach Bradley, Nikki Burkett, Gary Busby, Adela Canales, Samantha Cecil, Sarah Chituck, Jee Choi, Cassi Clements, Wes Clemons, Haylee Coleman, Kassie Conner, Chelsea Coombes, Devin Corona, Calli Coulson, Amanda Cox, Sonya Cutbirth, Amanda DeKruif, Marissa Dewane, Cassi Doody, Randall Dowell, Dusty Dupree, Alisha East, Brandon Ellis, Josh Ellis, Ryan Evans, Quinton Fenske, Micah Fort, Andrew Frost, Ashley Gideon, Taryn Haggard, Alana Hall, James Hardcastle, Robert Hardcastle, Chrystal Harris, Marki Helms, Amy Herron, Faith Herron, Mariah Hibbard, Jessica Hill, Jacob Hock, James Holesapple, Jennifer Holland, Anthony Holmes, Shawntee' Howard, Hayley Howerton, Rachel Huddleston, Ashley Hughes, Willard Hunter, Arielle Ideker, Austin Karns, Ryan Keller, Brandon Kelley, Ashley Kissee, Noelle Kownslar, Janesha Leger, Kayla Lesmeister, Joseph Lewis, Curtis Long, Stephanie Maynez, Amie Mays, Kayla McAlister, Kasey McCaslin, Brandon McCoy, Robert McPheeters, Brittany Meehl, Samantha Moore, Katie Moreland, Stephany Murphy, Ethan Neely, Sam Nguyen, David Nolte, Juan Ochoa, Aaron Odom, Callie Onstot, Cameron Parker, Taybor Parker, Dezarae Pebworth, Jordyn Pierce, Katy Polen, Rachael Pugh, Bethany Reed, Brittany Richardson, Marina Rodriguez, Kelsey Sanders, Lisa Schmitt, Mason Sharp, Kylie Short, Eric Six, Skye Smith, Erin Snyder, Brandie Spencer, Andrea Steere, Shannon Striegel, Tyler Terry, Josh Thiele, Chrissy Thurman, Christine Vu, Megan Wawrzyniak, Jessica Welch, Raebecca Whitaker, Craig Whittington, Kelsey Williams, April Winstead, Bethany Wirick, Josh Wise, Deedria Woods, and Derek Word.


Room 210 Staff Writers
   Every Wednesday after the final bell rings at South Middle School, seventh and eighth graders meet in Room 101 for a fun and educational activity, quiz bowl.
  The sponsors for quiz bowl are Mr. Jason Weaver and Mr. Randy Turner.
   The students answer questions about everything from history to science to math. Many times they don't know the answers, but they have fun guessing.
   "There's no harm in trying," Mr. Weaver said, "you'll get better with experience. He says that quiz bowl is both fun and educational. Everyone has a good time and they learn a lot of trivia and history.
   Mr. Weaver's favorite part of quiz bowl is "the practice before the meets because everyone is excited and having fun and preparing for the meets."
   Mr. Turner says his favorite part is "students are able to use their knowledge while having fun with other students."
   Mr. Weaver has been quiz bowl sponsor for two years, both at South, while Mr. Turner has been involved in such activities for six years, including the last two at South.
   Eighth grader Noelle Kownsler said she enjoys being a member of quiz bowl. This is her second year in the activity. "You have to be serious because of competitions and stuff and you have to have fun, so it's fun, too."
   Noelle has a philosophy when it comes to answering quiz bowl questions. "If you have a guess, then guess. It's better than knowing the answer, but being too scared to buzz in."
   Students involved in quiz bowl are: Rachel Huddleston, Tyler Terry, Andrew Frost, Andrea Steere, Bethany Reed, Derek Word, Joey Lewis, Ashlee Kissee, Gary Busby, Arielle Ideker, Amber Porter, Mandy DeKruif, Adela Canales, Zoe Mowry, Aaron Odom, Brittany Richardson, and Skye Smith.
   South Middle School will be the host school for a competition with Memorial and North middle schools next month. More information will be featured later on this page.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The South Middle School Marching Bands participated in the annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Joplin Saturday.
   Members of the eighth grade marching band are:
   Nathanael Cunningham, Dusty Dupree, Tyler Goswick, Michael Hasty, Amy Herron, Mariah Hibbard, Joseph Hill, Christopher Holcombe, James Holesapple, Ryan Keller, Ashley Kissee, Kourtney Lesmeister, Joel Mitchell, Samantha Moore, Sam Nguyen, Cameron Parker, Bethany Reed, Mason Sharp, Kylie Short, Eric Six, Tyler Terry, Jacob Wade, and Christine Vu.
   Members of the seventh grade marching band are: Aron Anderson, Brandon Box, Elene Bustamonte, Garret Dowell, Henry Guzman, Salvador Guzman, Dakota Hackworth, Melissa Jarman, Danielle Kleeman, Gabrielle Londe, Shelby McMillen, Lucas Moran, Weston Powell, Douglas Pumphrey, Colby Ritter, Juan Rojo, Jeffery Taylor, Tevin Triplett, Joseph Verhaar, and Ashton White.
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The South Middle School bands are in full swing for the 2004-2005 school year.
   Jazz Band members are: Brandon Box, Nathanael Cunningham, Daniel Kleeman, Gabhriel Londe, James Holesapple, Ryan Keller, Joel Mitchell, Taylor Six, Jeffrey Taylor.
   Members of the seventh grade beginning band are: Braden Ackerson, Maddison Billips, Donald Christian, Zackery Good, Tyler Hodges, Yurly Meadows, Eric O'Hanlon.
   Members of the sixth grade beginning band are: Jordan Adams, Markisha Adams, Dalton Anderson, Breanna Baker, Tyler Beall, Jennifer Brock, Andrew Brown, Taylor Burton, Karen Chew, Zackery Clover, Rebecca Cooper, Levi Crews, Timothy Davis, Mickael Dowell, Tate Duley, Zachary Dennis, Brent Eagles, David Evans, Timothy Garret, Dakota Gilmore, Tyler Graves, Jamie Hartie, Shelby Hayes, Ashley Henson, Christopher Hill, Cheyenne Howard, William Kessler, Natasha Lane, Leif Larson, Mathew Lemieux, Carl Long, Victoria Mardis, Andrew Mays, Christian Miller, Nathan Morris, Amanda Needham, Melaina Nicolas, Brianna Ochoa, Mark Pate, Mark Patterson, Alan Peterson, Ryan Poff, Sampson Quinones, Jacob Robbins, Juan Rodriguez, Aaron Roland, Karina Self, Kaylee Sexton, Morgan Shillings, Lorena Simpson, Daniel Story, Savanah Sweeton, Erika Torres, Amanda Webster, and Billy Willis.

Room 210 Editor
   Many people have a passion for writing.
   Now those people have a new outlet for that passion with the creation of a Journalism Club at South Middle School.
   "It is a club where kids can write about what is going on at South and things that affect the students," said Mr. Randy Turner, club sponsor.
   The students' work appears on and will later be a part of a South newsletter, Mr. Turner said.
   The ideas for subjects to write about do not come from Mr. Turner, he added. "The students don't need an old geezer like me to tell them what to write about, they come up with ideas on their own because they are interested ni it."
   Eighth grader Bethany Reed is enjoying the club. "I'm very happy that Mr. Turner started this club, it is so fun."
   Andrea Steere, eighth grader, said, "That's (writing) is how I express myself. It is easy for me to put words on paper."
   Amie Mays said, "Writing helps me to be more creative."
   "Writing expresses my individuality and my personality," said Brittany Richardson.
   Katy Polen said, "It's fun."
   "Writing lets my imagination run wild," said Arielle Ideker.
   The club is open to eighth graders.
By Andrea Steere
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The only sounds in the room are paper to pencil and the occasional cough. Otherwise, the room is filled with utter silence...
   That is exactly what the ZAP (Zeros Aren't Permitted) detention room sounds like. Not the most exciting place, is it? Well, according to Mr. Rocky Biggers, ZAP detentions are supposed to be boring. He even said that he wanted it to be boring. Why does Mr. Biggers want the students to be bored out of their minds? So they will do their work and not have to come back.
   The ZAP program is designed to help students meet deadlines. If a student does not turn in a paper on time, that students receives a ZAP. A student who receives three ZAPS, receives a ZAP referral and has to attend detention for an hour after school either that day or the next day.
   Eighth grader Kelsey Williams is one of those who has been assigned a ZAP detention. "It was SO boring," she said. "You can't talk and you can't sit by your friends, either." She said she did think it would help students.
   Eighth grader Chrissy Thurman, who has not had a ZAP detention, said she thinks South should not have the program. "The kids won't do their work anyway."
   Mr. Randy Turner, eighth grade communication arts teacher, approves of the program, saying, "It's an excellent addition. It's great." He noted that a lot of people who might not otherwise turn in their work are doing so to avoid ZAP detention.
   Mr. Jason Weaver, seventh grade social studies teacher, said, "It's a very good program because it has helped students with management problems." He added that, overall, it has raised grades.
   Mr. Turner and Mr. Weaver said they do not like giving out ZAP referrals. "I hate giving them out," Mr. Turner said, "but it's something that has to be done."
   "It is a little more paperwork to keep track of," Mr. Weaver said, "but if it helps the students, it's worth it."
   (Contributions to this article were made by Room 210 staff writers Noelle Kownslar and Callie Onstot.)
By Katy Polen
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The South Middle School Student Council has a busy year in store during 2004-2005 with plenty of activities scheduled. The council meets every day during TA in the room of the sponsor, Mr. Rocky Biggers.
   This year's Student Council members are: James Anderson, Arlisa Arwood, Nikki Burkett, Garrett Dowell, Brittani Eads, Annie Finn, Rachel Foster, Kelsey Graves, Alexis Hawk, Cole Jilge, Ryan Marsh, Faith Mowrey, Amanda Needham, Sam Nguyen, Cindy Pham, Jordyn Pierce, Colby Ritter, Kelsey Sanders, Matheu Smith, Clayton Sthem, and Tamora Zajac.
   Information on Student Council projects will be featured later on Room 210.
   Ashley Kissee has been named managing editor of the Journalism Club, which is producing news for and hopes to soon help publish a South Middle School newsletter.
   "I can't imagine anyone better for the job," Journalism Club sponsor Mr. Randy Turner said. "Ashley is bright, intelligent, one of the hardest workers we have, and she has great news judgment."
   Miss Kissee will be the student editor for all Journalism Club activities, said Mr. Turner. She will be assisted by an editorial board, which will consist of Katy Polen, Bethany Reed, Andrea Steere, and Josh Thiele.
   "This is a good group of students," Mr. Turner said. "I am expecting great things from them. They will have an opportunity to work with a great bunch of reporters." The Journalism Club has more than two dozen reporters.
By Katy Polen
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The winter cheerleaders at South Middle School have been practicing for the last few weeks and have been cheering at home basketball games.
   The winter cheerleaders are: Jessica Welch, Kelsey Wiliams, Jordyn Pierce, Brittany Eads, Brittany Meehl, and Hayley Howerton.

By Katy Polen
Room 210 Staff Writer
   The South Middle School eighth grade football team ended its season without any wins, but that doesn't mean the season wasn't a success, according to Coach Casey Pliler.
   "They always listened and they tried their best," Coach Pliler said. "They progressed and they did a wonderful job."
   Coach said he loved the players' ability to do what they were told when they were told to do it"
   Coach Pliler added, "The kids worked hard and I'm excited to see what their progress is going to be next year and further in the future."
   Members of the eighth grade football team were:
   Sam Nguyen, Quentin Fenske, Austin Karns, James Anderson, Tyler Dobbins, Wes Clemons, Michael Hasty, Joseph Hill, Micah Fort, Andrew Smith, Chris Armstrong, Tyler Terry, Brandon McCoy, Kyle Jones, Chris Holcombe, Ryan Marsh, Zack Butler, Jeril Thomas, Jacob Wade, and Jessica Welch.


By Chrissy Thurman
Room 210 Staff Writer
Students in Ms. Michelle McDaniel's eighth grade science classes are searching for the dominant trait.
School from all over the world are participating in the genetics project.
The goal is to find the most dominant genetic trait in the world. In Ms. McD's fourth hour class, students learned that traits are characteristics. There are two types of traits: recessive, or the trait that doesn't show; and dominant, or the trait that does show.
Ms. McD's genetics project has just started. The project will last for about a month and a half. During this time, the students will survey other people for their traits. Then they will make a hypothesis of what they think the most dominant trait is.
They will test that hypothesis, analyze it, draw conclusions from the results, and write a final paper.
"This is a real ime study that people work on together," said Ms. McD.
"I think it will be cool once we get started," Noelle Kownslar, a student in the sixth hour class, said.
Bethany Reed, a student in the first hour class, said that she is looking forward to "finding the most dominant trait in the world."
Ms. McD always has fun projects for her students, she added. "Ms. McD is the coolest teacher around."

By Dezerae Pebworth and Ashley Hughes
Room 210 Staff Writers
Yelling, screaming, kicking, and pushing these are only some things that an administrator has to deal with.
Mr. Jason Weaver, who has been teaching seventh grade world history at South Middle School for three years, had an opportunity to deal with those problems Tuesday.
Oct. 26 was the first full day for Mr. Weaver filling in as an administrator for Mr. Ron Mitchell on this day. Mr. Weaver has only been an administrator for half days at school in the past and also at football and basketball games.
Mr. Weaver said there were pros and cons. For example, some of the pros were that he knew a majority of the students he dealt with because he has dealt with them before. One of the cons was that he didn't have a lunch break, he had to eat in between lunch period. "My day was overall good," said Mr. Weaver. His duties were to discipline students who were acting out in class, or who skipped ZAP and/or detention.
"I'm not disappointed about the day, but I don't believe I am ready to leave teaching."


By Callie Onstot and Kelsey Williams
Room 210 Staff Writers
The kickoff assembly for the annual reading promotion at South Middle School was held Oct. 11 in the school auditorium.
The promotion is a challenge to students to read as many books as they can. It builds spirit and school pride, according to Mrs. Linda Weaver, chairman of the reading department at South. "That's why our motto this year is 'tackle a book,' she said.
"The reading promotion helps us accomplish our goals by increasing independent reading practice," Mrs. Weaver said. "The objective is to get kids excited about reading." The students have to read 1,200 books in six weeks. The promotion has been a schoolwide event for 10 years.
All reading teachers will take part in the promotion, Mrs. Weaver said. "To know if we are reaching our goal, we have a thermometer chart. The goal is about two times the population of students at South Middle School. Each student will need to read about two books each to help accomplish our goal."
If the students reach the goal, Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal, will wear a cheerleading outfit for a day, and Ms. Peggy Day, assistant principal, will wear a football uniform.
At the Oct. 11 kickoff assembly, Mr. Mitchell attempted to fit into a Joplin Eagles cheerleading uniform, but the skirt would not fit over his everyday school pants. He also had to participate in two cheers.
Also at the assembly, Ms. Day put on a football uniform and got tackled by SMS football players Andrew Frost and Alec Lane.
The reading promotion will end Nov. 22.

Room 210 Staff Writer
"All rise, this court has begun," directed Mr. Rocky Biggers or Bailiff Biggers. "Caroline Bell, approach the bench."
The bailiff read her case and Puritan Court had begun in Mr. Biggers' eighth grade social studies class.
According to Mr. Biggers, Caroline had been rebellious to her father. She claimed that she had run away once to a friend's house and her father forced her to come home. Her father said that she had not cleaned out the animal pens. Mis Bell was also accused of threatening her father with a gardening tool.
Cotton Carter was called to the stand next. He was asked if her father had beaten Caroline and he said no. He thought she was trying to protect her father.
Brittany Tressler was absent on the day of the trial, therefore Mr. Biggers filled in as the second witness. He acted just like Miss Tressler would, very dainty and talking like her. The students were rolling with laughter.
Anyway, Miss Bell was found innocent of being rebellious to her father. On one of the other cases, a student was absent so Mr. Biggers again put on his stage face. Only this time he was not a girl but a drunk. Again, everybody was rolling with laughter.
The person who was originally supposed to be punished was Reggie Roxbury, but instead his friend (Mr. Biggers) was punished instead.
Puritan Court was held Oct. 5-8. All of Mr. Biggers' social studies classes participated. The classed did Puritan Court, Mr. Biggers said, because "I wanted the students to see how far we have come and how religion affected government." He said he was even trying to get the students to understand how close this form of government is to the Muslim way of government.
The three judges for this particular Puritan Court were Zach Bradley, James Holesapple, and Billy Hunter. Playing Caroline Bell was Brittani Eads. Josh Thiele played Cotton Carter.

By Rachel Huddleston
Room 210 Staff Writer
At South Middle School, there was a job that 75 people applied for, but only 13 were chosen.
The lucky 13 are working to put together the yearbook for the 2004-2005 school year under the direction of sponsor Miss Michelle McDaniel.
Members of the yearbook staff are:
Eighth grade- Mariah Hibbard, Jessica Bates, Rachel Huddleston, Faith Herron, Kylie Short, Hunter Dowell, and Taylor Six.
Seventh grade- Jenny Hill, Matheu Smith, Tamera Zajac, and Ashlea Smith.
Sixth grade- Michael Daughtery and Taler Wright.
The staff meets 3 to 4 p.m. every Tuesday in Ms. McDaniel's room.
The yearbooks will cost $15 same as last year, according to Miss McDaniel.

By Rachel Huddleston
Room 210 Staff Writer
About $450 was raised for South Middle School Oct. 12 during a fund raiser at the McDonald's on Main.
Principals and teachers worked at the restaurant while students showed their Eagle Pride just by showing up.
Teachers who worked at the event included: Mrs. Deckard, Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Doerr, Ms. Koch, Ms. Day, Ms. Frazier, and Ms. Powell.
But the real question is: "Who won those Happy Meals?"
Mrs. Caryn Deckard's TA won by having the most participation.
Students in Mrs. Deckard's TA are: Chris Armstrong, Tabytha Bennet, Amanda Cox, Jackie Drake, Carl Evans, Misty Finn, Tyler Goswick, Amy Herron, Hayley Howerton, Austin Karns, Kayla Lesmeister, Joel Mitchell, Chase Shepard, Ethan Southard, Jacob Wade, Raebecca Whitaker, Kelsey Williams, Deedria Woods, and Dezerae Pebworth.


Room 210 Staff Writer
The Joplin R-8 School District is fully accredited with distinction. The announcement was officially made today.
The Road to Distinction is the theme being used by the district this year to describe goals for improvement in a variety of educational, fine arts, and enrichment programs offered by this school system.
District officials knew they had received accreditation, so they wanted to reach the next level. They recently were told they had already reached that level.
Being accredited means the district has met over nine standards that were set up by the state. In fact, district officials initially believed the school had met 11 out of 12. They found out yesterday, that they had also met the 12th area, with a lower number of high school dropouts.
Meeting those standards could not be categorized as easy. It has taken a lot of hard work on the part of the students and teachers to reach this level of success.
Mr. Ron Mitchell, South Middle School principal, said that the following things will be necessary to maintain our school district's current level of achievement.
1. Continue the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) practice testing.
2. Encourage the writing and constructive response questions in school which improve MAP scores.
3. Continue using the Zeros Aren't Permitted (ZAP0 program, which encourages students to do their work, preparing them better for the MAP test.

   A serving showcase by Jessica Hill and Savana Greenfield wasn't quite enough as the South Middle School eighth grade volleyball team fell to North 25-17, 25-13, Monday, Oct. 4, in a game played at Memorial.
   With game one tied 7-7, Greenfield put SMS on top with five straight serve points, one coming on a solid return by Deedria Woods on a North spike and another on a Hill kill set up by a Jordyn Pierce dig.
   Greenfield served South to a 12-7 lead, concluding her spree with a line drive ace that hugged the sideline. A 9-2 North run made the score 16-13, with the only serve point for South in that period coming from Callie Onstot. South regained the serve, thanks to a diving save by Hill. Hill then served the locals into their final lead, 17-16 with three points, including an ace. North scored the final nine points.
   In game two, South took the initial lead, 2-0, on two Hill serve points It was the last lead SMS had.
   In the eighth grade B game, a four-point run at the end of game two enabled North to stave off a South rally and win 25-16, 25-23.
   Nikki Burkett put South up 6-0 at the beginning of game two with six serve points, including an ace and another ball on which she made a diving save.
   She served another point on a floater ace later in the game.
   South made its biggest push toward the win late in game two. Trailing 18-17, SMS scored on a North hitting error, then took the lead with Bethany Reed serving. After a North point, an outstanding defensive play by Burkett scored one for South to put the locals up 20-19. Burkett served the 21st and 22nd  points. The 23rd came on a North error.
   Players playing for the South A and B squads were: Savana Greenfield, Jessica Hill, Jordyn Pierce, Callie Onstot, Katy Polen, Deedria Woods, Alisha East, April Winstead, Nikki Burkett, Bethany Reed, Amie Mays, Ashley Kissee, Chelsea Coombes, and Noelle Kownslar.
   South Middle School eighth grade cheerleaders for the fall sports season are:
   Skye Smith, Kasey McCaslin, Brittany Richardson, Marki Helms, Ashley Hughes, Kelsey Graves, and Marissa Dewane.


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The Journalism Club was responsible for the many articles placed on this website throughout the 2004-2005 school year. Those present for the photo were: Front row, from left, Ashley Kissee, managing editor; Bethany Reed, deputy managing editor; second row, Brittany Richardson, Noelle Kownslar, Amie Mays, Callie Onstot, Katy Polen; third row, Andrea Steere, Tyler Goswick; back row, Adela Canales, Callie Coulson, Chrissy Thurman, Mr. Randy Turner, sponsor. Photo by Ms. Joyce Wall


Students in Mr. Randy Turner's third hour communication arts class take a test in the computer lab over "The Diary of Anne Frank." The students completed the reading of the play based on the famous diary last week.
Room 210 photo by Noelle Kownslar


Students in Mr. Randy Turner's third hour Communication Arts classes participated in a poetry slam Friday, May 6. Shown giving a stirring poetry interpretation, from left are: Marki Helms, Shea Lacey, Ashley Hughes, and Nathan Hazley.
Room 210 photo by Randy Turner