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Joplin R-8 Schools have been Accredited with Distinction for the second straight year. Find out what that means when an article is added later today.
Photo by Jacob Oviedo

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The sign is in the hallway by the office, but have you ever wondered what "Accredited with Distinction" means?
   The Joplin R-8 School District, including South Middle School, has been accredited with distinction for the past two years.
  Accredited means that students in the district, including South students, have met certain goals. South students scored high on the MAP tests, helping the district reach the goal.
   Distinction means a higher rating of recognition, showing that we have succeeded in reaching our goals.
   Accredited with distinction is "the highest rating a school district can achieve through the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP)," according to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
   The Joplin R-8 School District is the only K-12 district in this area to be accredited with distinction.
  South Middle School Principal Mr. Ron Mitchell said, "I am very proud of the students here at South because Accredited with Distinction is highest rank."

Room 210 Staff Writer
   "The Success Program is designed to help improve grades, behavior, and attendance," according to Mr. Casey Pliler, who teaches it.
  Mr. Pliler helps his students by giving grade checks every other week, communicating with other teachers and family members, setting up programs for individual students and helping them to understand information being taught in other classes. The program is designed for students who are having difficulty succeeding in the classroom.
   The Success program is just like a normal class with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in separate classes, according to Mr. Pliler. The program is carried into the high school where similar programs are held.
  In order to leave the Success program, students need to complete two quarters of consistent improvement in grades, attendance and behavior.

Room 210 Staff Writer
  The Honors Choir will perform Feb. 25 at the Carthage Senior High School Auditorium.
   Honors Choir is the top eight to 12 students from each middle school or junior high school in southwest Missouri.
  Songs that will be performed by the group are:
   "Et In Terra Pax," "Walking on that Heavenly Road," "Fanfare Gloria," "A Branch of May," and "Defying Gravity."
   The guys will sing a song by themselves called "We Are the Man." The girls will do "Rockin' Robin" and "Pie' Jesu."
   "It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun," SMS vocal instructor Ms. Julie Yonkers said.
   South Middle School students who will perform are:
   Soprano- Arlia Arwood, Becca Mascher, Katie Wood; alto, Jenny Hill, Lauren Bynum, Tamara Zajac; tenor, Grant Lewis, Aaron Brow, Alex Johnson; bass Spencer Moss, Dustin Trebbe, Matt Smith.

   The South Middle School bands presented the 2005 holiday concert in December.
  The Jazz Band performed three numbers, followed by the Beginning Band, which did four, and the concert band, which performed five.
  Jazz Band members are: Dakota Hackworth, Cheyenne Howard, Garrett Dowell, Ty Hodges, Gabby Londe, Corey Hounschell, Leif Larson, Nathan Morris, Maddison Billings, Grant Evans, Allen Peterson, and Colby Ritter.
   Beginning Band members are: Gina Andujar, Molly Baker, Amber Chacon, Steven Denmark, Quinton Ervin, Jonathan Gonzalez, Jessica Kennedy, Tiffany Douglas, Brittany Frisbe, Aron Hembree, Ashley Keeton, Aaron Kraft, Tiffany Martinez, Kody Simpson, Dakota Williams, Cecil Cornish, Eric Nulph, Chris Perry, Bryan Ross, Joran Bailey, Nathan Baker, Nathan Cox, Gareth Evans, Dustin Foster, Bret Gibson, Sara Kessler, Luke Lenhart, Junior Ochoa, Casey Sharp, Brett Stearnes, Jeff Terry, Kyle Vene, Brian Geier, Geoff Aiken, Monica Anderson, Chayse Chasten, Chance Ewing, Kelli Newberry, Robert Sheverbush, Desean Triplet, Tyler Andersen, Randy Bassett, Daniel Vanderlip, Candace Curtis, Sam Friskey, Zach Hibbard, Billy Nguyen, Chloe Potts, Blake Putnam, Gil Randolph, and Dalton Smith.
  Concert Band members are: Breanna Baker, Becky Cooper, Michelle Holden, Shelby McMillen, Lynn Nichols, Mary White, Kisha Adams, Maddison Billings, Cody Gilmore, Sierra Hutchinson, Danielle Kleeman, Lainie Nicolas, Mark Patterson, Savanah Sweeton, Matt Lemieux, Austin Bolt, Eleno Bustamante, Zack Cloven, Brent Eagles, Dakota Hackworth, Cheyenne Howard, Andrew Mays, Ryan Poff, Jeff Taylor, Amanda Webster, Jordan Adame, Dalton Anderson, Tyler Beall, Zac Dunnic, Corey Hounschell, Leif Larson, Gabby Londe, Nathan Morris, Amanda Needham, Doug Pumphrey, Will Kessler, Christian Miller, Sam Quinones, Tate Duley, Ty Hodges, Eric O'Hanlon, Timmy Davis, Daniel Story, Jar'Vious Britt, Jenny Brock, Levi Crews, Fischer Dowell, Garrett Dowell, Grant Evans, Tyler Graves, Allen Peterson, Colby Ritter, Tevin Triplett, and Ashton White.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   South Middle School eighth grade students recently researched various scientists, some of whom include Louis Pasteur, Jane Goodall, and Galileo.
   They presented their research Nov. 30, Dec. 1, and Dec. 2 in the front of room 208. Mr. Mike Wallace, science teacher, wanted the students to get interested or inspired by the scientists they researched, or at least learn a few facts while having fun. Mr. Wallace said he wanted the students to gain knowledge on how the research process works, and to gain some social confidence by getting in front of the class.
   "It was fun working with my partner and making the visual aid," said Shelbi Cooper. "The only thing I didn't like was getting up in front of the class.'
   "The project was awesome. I loved everything about it," said Sam Godwin.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Math tutoring is an after-school program in which South students are helped with their homework and the lady who helps them is Mrs. Valerie Doerr.
  She helps students who have missed assignments and if you fail an assignment and still want to get credit she is there to help you.
  Mrs. Doerr works with the students to help them reach a higher level.

The South Middle School Vocal Department held its Christmas concert, "Let Us Sing with Glee," Dec. 16 in the school auditorium.
   The Sixth Grade Choir sang five songs with Taylor Camden as soloist on "Naughty or Nice?
   The Concert Choir performed eight numbers with Mollie Sanders as soloist on "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Melody Ketron as soloist on "A Gospel Noel" and Lauren Bynum as soloist on "O Holy Night."
   The concert concluded with the Southern Belles performing three numbers.
   Sixth Grade Choir members are: Omar Arreola, Taylor Camden, Jordan Chambers, Tolby Clemons, Tanner Crawford, Karya Dickey, Breanne Diles, Ariana Dudley, John Elick, Tara Fleming, Ashlee Ford, Jared Fuller, Christian Gates, Chelsea Hernandez, Jessica Highley, Rachelle Hughbank, William Ideker, Amanda Jones, Alex Karris, Katie Kemmery, Tera Knight, Jedidah Larson, Lauren Layne, Bethany Long, Shely-Nicole McDonald, Natasha Martin, Sarah Matthews, Holly O'Dell, Katie Phelps, Mackenzy Pierce- McCutcheon, Abby Sadler, Mariah Sanders, Adam Schilling, Beau Scroggins, Shelby Shumaker, Alex Smith, Adam Snearly, Sydney Snider, Ashley Wesley, Cassie Wooldridge, and Nichole Yeoman.
  Concert Choir members are: Arlisa Arwood, Shakota Ball, John Beaman, Cheyenna Beck, Jaquelin Bogarin, Dakota Brigance, Aaron Brown, Lauren Bynum, Cameron Bryan, Gina Casada, Beau Carroll, Zeb Clayton, Christen Cool, Samantha Cox, Mikaila Craig, Takada Davis, Hannah Doerge, Karly Dorland, Aaron Ebbs, Rachel Etheridge, Leah Forkner, Rachael Foster, Makenzie Freeman, Jacob Gammill, Justine Gowing, Kole Hammond, Paige Harmon, Jamie Hartje, Alexis Hawk, Colten Hawkins, Lacy Heiskell, Breanna Hendrix, Ashley Henson, Christy Hernandez, Kayla Hess, Jenny Hill, Joe Huddleston, Emily Houston, Alex Johnson, Autumn Johnson, Jenna Johnson, Melody Ketron, Ethan Knapps, Kelley Leach, Breezy Leatherman, Roni Leonard, Grant Lewis, Loryn Ligon, Alyssa Loyd, Tessa Luper, Tiffany Lyons, Victoria Mardis, Breanna Martin, Becca Mascher, Adriana Maturino, Kim McKeehan, Chelsea Moore, Amber Morris, Spencer Moss, Jessica Myers, Cheyla Navarre, Rachel Nevills, Jacobo Oviedo, Kelsey Pace, Cindy Pham, Tymper Pope, Tiffany Porter, Dylan Prauser, Grace Randolph, Rachel Richins, Hannah Rosario, Jesse Rowe, Mollie Sanders, Cassey Schulze, Kaylee Sexton, Ashley Slaughterbeck, Abbi Smith, Amber Smith, Ashlea Smith, Hailey Smith, Matt Smith, Rochelle Stanley, Shanna Striegel, Brianneta Stringer, Kaitlin Sullivan, Shelby Sullivan, Dustin Trebbe, Taylor Tressler, Christina Underwood, Wes Underwood, Miranda Veith, Sammy Warren, Amanda Welch, Caleb Wheeler, Ashley Whittington, Aeriel Wilkerson, Kendra Wilson, Tamera Wirick, Shandera Workman, Katie Wood, Jaclyn Wright, and Tamara Zajac.
   Members of the Southern Belles are: Arlisa Arwood, Lauren Bynum, Hannah Doerge, Leah Forkner, Christy Hernandez, Kayla Hess, Jenny Hill, Emily Houston, Breezy Leatherman, Tessa Luper, Becca Mascher, Amber Morris, Cindy Pham, Mollie Sanders, Abbi Smith, Ashlea Smith, Taylor Tressler, Amanda Welch, Aeriel Wilkerson, Kendra Wilson, Katie Wood, Jaclyn Wright, and Tamera Zajac.


Room 210 Staff Writer
   South Middle School students reached 1,200 books read with a last-minute flurry, according to an announcement made seventh hour Tuesday, Nov. 22.
   When students return from Thanksgiving break, SMS Principal Mr. Ron Mitchell and Assistant Principal Dr. Jenifer Cryer will dress as waitresses and serve lunch to the students.
   "I have no problem being made fun of if it gets students to pick up a book," Mr. Mitchell said.
  The students worked hard to reach the goal, teachers said. Mrs. Gala Moss, sixth grade block teacher, was accurate in her prediction of what would happen in the promotion recently when she said, "I know by the time the contest is over South will surprise everyone. Mr. Mitchell and Dr. Cryer better be ready to serve us at lunch."

Candy Grams
By: Tiana Clemons
Quiz Bowl Staff Writer
"To send or not to send, that is the question," says Tiana Clemons, 8th grade, while goofing off and preparing to write this newsletter.  The question was, "If you got any candy grams, what did they say?"  Matheu Smith, 8th grade, said that they all said to have a great Christmas and to be good, LOL!"  Dylan Smith, 7th grade, said, "They mostly asked how I was doing and they also said to have a great Christmas."  Many other people got some but many others didn't get any.  Have a great Christmas.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The South Middle School Quiz Bowl Team is preparing for its next meet, which is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 1, at Lamar Middle School. This competition will feature science questions.
   Mr. Randy Turner, eighth grade communications arts teacher and Quiz Bowl co-sponsor, said, "The students are getting better with every practice. Also, they are getting faster with the buzzers and they are really having fun and enjoying themselves.
   "I believe we will win some games, we probably will also lose some. The only thing we need to remember is to do our best."
   The competition is the second in a series of academic challenges. The first took place in October at Carl Junction Middle School. Other schools participating in addition to South, Lamar and Carl Junction, include Neosho, Diamond and Monett.

Communication Arts Reports
 Danielle Russell said, "Thomas Jefferson."Matt Smith said, "McAuley."  Jessica Myers, Fox Navarre, and myself said, "Joplin R-8 schools."
 What do these three schools have to do with eighth grade communication arts?  One large report/grade and lots of fun is what.  On October 26th Mr. Randy Turner assigned everyone in his eighth grade comm-arts class to one of these schools: Thomas Jefferson, McAuley, or Joplin R-8 Schools.
 Everyone researched their school that very same day, after researching their school they wrote a one page paper on that school.The next day they all got into groups that had the same school and made a brochure to get parents to enroll their student into that school.
 After doing their research Jessica, Dannielle, and Fox said they had not learned anything on their school, that isn't the case for Matt though, he learned that McAuley has very few Extra Curricularactivities.
 The next question is, was this a good project to start the second quarter with?  Danielle and Matt had the same oppion on that matter, that was simply yes.  For the others well a few more words came to mind, "Sure" said Jessica, "It was alright" said Fox. As for me I, I just won't go there!
By Noelle Hess 

This page features news and information about the students and staff at South Middle School.
The creative writing club is the newest club here at South Middle School and I asked Ms. Medlock-club adviser-some questions and got answers you might want to know.
    Creative writing club is for the students who want to compete in a magazine about poetry, non-fiction, fiction and art. Both students and staff members are allowed to submit an item(s) of the above. Creative writing club meets every Tuesday from 3:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.
    Ms. Medlock said that she decided to make the creative writing club because she had a lot of students that had a great amount of talent in writing and that they needed to show their writing ability.
    So for all you students and staff that are interested in writing, meet in Ms. Medlock's room (208) At the appropriate time with your pen or pencil, paper and mind.
The South Middle School Quiz Bowl team opened its season October 24th at Carl Juntion Middle School in a language arts competition. Thirteen students participated. The 7th grade include: Kane McCaslin, Dylan Prauser, Authur Brown, Leif Larson, steven Williams, and Kovan Chew. The 8th grade students include: Tiana Clemens, Mallory Fuller, Cameron Gudgen, Matt Smith, Madison Billings, Blake Tune and Liz Hernandez. The South Middle School Quiz Bowl team will have its next meet on December 1st at Lamar. The topic will be over science. Wish our Quiz Bowl team good luck!
By: Gabriel Londe
Ready for a day off from school? Well, you don't get one but, if it would make you happy, you will get a half day. In fact, it will be on Oct. 31st, the best day in the whole year to go around and be mischievous. Even better, when you are at home doing whaterver you do the teachers will be at meetings.
    I bet you were wondering how the day will go. So here are the times for your classes: 1st hour 8:00 to 8:26, 2nd hour 8:30 to 8:56, 3rd hour 9:00 to 9:26, 4th hour 9:30 to 9:56, 5th hour 10:00 to 10:26, 6th hour 10:30 to 10:56,7th hour 11:00 to 11:26.
    Here's the teachers schedule for the day: 12:45 to 1:45 meet at MMS, 1:45 to 2:00 is break, 2:00 to 3:15 is study group.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   What have you learned today? This week? This month? This year? Well, 15 students are setting out to prove that they learned the most through a sereis of challenging academic questions ni the form of South Middle School's Quiz Bowl Club.
  This scholastic sport is filled with enthusiastic students split into teams of four. They compete against each other and other schools to take home the most valuable and useful prize in all of history: knowledge.
   The questions vary from subjects of education to simply common sense. "Quiz bowl is fun and annoying," said member Tiffani Gilbert. "Someone smarter always seems to get the questions that you know." Well, relax, Tiffany. Though some find this game of subtle skills difficult, others with video game reflexes, such as seventh grader Christy Hernandez claim that "the funnest part of quiz bowl is the buzzer."
   The Quiz Bowl Club, held by Mr. Jason Weaver and Mr. Randy Turner, is located in Room 101. The team held its first competition Monday, Oct. 24. More information will be featured later on Room 210.
   The students are involved in a monthly Academic Challenge with students from Carl Junction, Diamond, Lamar, Neosho, and Monett. At the end of the year, they will compete against the teachers during an assembly.
   The team meets every Wednesday after school for an hour.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Eighth graders in Mr. Randy Turner's communication arts classes have been writing essays on "What I Feel When I Look Up at the American Flag," as part of the annual Joplin Elks Lodge Essay Contest.
  The first and second drafts of the essays were written the week of Oct. 3. The final draft will be written in November. The deadline is Dec. 15.
   The winning students in Joplin will receive the following prizes: First place, $100 savings bond; second place, $75 savings bond; and third place, $50 savings bond. The winning entry moves on to both the state and national levels. At state, the prizes are the same, while at national first place receives a $500 savings bond, second place, a $300 savings bond, and third place, a $200 savings bond.
   Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades are eligible.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The Journalism Club is where South Middle School students go after school to write stories to inform other students and parents about what is going on.
   The club meets on Thursdays for an hour and a half. It is open to any South Middle School student.
  Eighth grader Tiffani Gilbert said, "I love Journalism Club. It's fun; we get to go on computers and interview lots of people."
   The stories written by the students are put on the Journalism Club website, .
   "Having spent 22 years as a reporter, I love seeing young people with enthusiasm about journalism," Mr. Randy Turner, Journalism Club sponsor, said.
  Journalism Club members include: Melody Ketron, editor; Ashton White, Danielle Kleeman, Rose Garduno, Tiffani Gilbert, Tiffany Porter, Fox Navarre, Matt Smith, Christen Cool, Roni Leonard, Gabby Londe, Kane McCaslin, Dylan Prauser, Christy Hernandez, and Chelsea Moore.

Room 210 Staff Writer
   The first round of TA clubs ended last week at South Middle School.
   The clubs are done as part of the middle school philosophy, according to SMS Principal Ron Mitchell. On the days they are held, TA is canceled; the day begins with first hour, and the clubs are held at the end of the afternoon.
  Teachers choose clubs based on something they think students would like to do. The students select three clubs they would like to do and three alternates.
   Clubs include photography, internet scavenger hunt, board games, music games, checkers, history through the movies, t-shirt painting, flag football, paint-by-numbers, Pringles trivia, pop culture trivia, magnets, card games, and fingerboarding.
  The next round of clubs will begin in a few weeks.

Room 210 Managing Editor
   Seventh and eighth grade 2005-2006 South Middle School yearbook Staff has been selected. Those selected were:
 Seventh grade- Cassy Schultz, Kylie Hurell and Tamera Wirick
  Eighth grade- Michelle Holden, Autumn Johnson, Natasha Day, Matt Smith, Liz Hernandez, Felicia Spicer and Dalton Kraft

Room 210 Staff Writer
   Mr. Seth Wolfshorndl, South Middle School art teacher, started this year's Art Club at the beginning of October. The club is for eighth graders only.
   Mr. Wolfshorndl says you do not have to be a good artist to be in Art Club; you just have to like art enough to want to do special projects that can't be done in class.
   One of the things that Art Club will do this year is painting on the walls outside the teachers' rooms.
   Students came up with the idea of Art Club in 2001 after Mr. Ron Mitchell, principal, asked them to decorate the school, Mr. Wolfshorndl said.
  The only requirements for Art Club are that you have to be able to work well with other people in projects, and clean up after yourself.






Room 210 Staff Writer

Mrs. Valerie Doerr, eighth grade math teacher participated Saturday, Sept. 17, and Sunday, Sept. 18, in a 1500 mile bicycle ride.

   The ride is a fundraiser to combat multiple sclerosis, an inflammatory disease. Mrs. Doerr and her husband, Steve rode from Springfield to Lebanon and back.
   "My husband and I rode last year," Mrs. Doerr said. "We wanted to raise $2,000, but we only raised $1,500. We ride this ride to raise money because a good friend that we had died from multiple sclerosis. He was an English teacher and a football coach with four kids."
   The Doerrs worked hard to prepare for the ride. "We practiced all summer," Mrs. Doerr said. "Weekends, we would ride 40, 40 or 80 miles on Saturday."

Room 210 Staff Writer
Back to school means back to sports.
   For some girls at South, the first week was a wake up call to get into shape. Volleyball practices went on for one week before cuts were made. The following girls are on the seventh grade team:
   Breanna Baker, Christen Cool, Mikaila Craig, Leah Forkner, Rachel Foster, Shaynee Johnson, Kelley Leach, Cassey Schulze, Savanah Sweeten, Shandera Workman.
   Those who made the eighth grade team are:
   Maddison Billings, Jessica Cashion, Mallory Fuller, Tylor Hudson, Brenna Jamerson, Danielle Kleeman, Becca Mascher, Jessica Myers, Samantha Oxford, Alyssa Park, Mackenszee Roberts, Danielle Russell, Ashlie Shimmin, Ashlea Smith.
   Everyday after school from 3:15 to 5 p.m., the teams practice to get better at serving, footwork, serve-receive, base, and freeball, just to name a few basics.
   At the beginning of every practice, the coaches, Ms. Darla Armstrong and Ms. Allison Ham, take roll, then the team members stretch, run, and warm up their arms by throwing a ball. After that, they work on passing, setting, footwork, serving, and spiking.
   After practice, the team huddles and says what it needs to improve and what the strong points were in practice.
   They "cheer it up" as Coach Armstrong and Coach Ham would say, by jumping up and down and yelling, "Hoorah (eighth grade)" and "hoorah (seventh grade)." They repeat that three times and then after those three times they all come together and yell, "Go Eagles!"
   More information about the South Middle School volleyball team will be featured later on this page.


South Middle School students picked up their packets and schedules during the annual Open House Thursday night. After they received their schedules, the students and their parents went through the schedule, attending each class for a few minutes. School will begin Monday, Aug. 15.

Stanford 9 Tests Begin
Room 210 Staff Writer
   South Middle School students began taking the Stanford 9 tests Monday, Sept. 12.
  The test is given to kids all over the United States, according to Mr. Ron Mitchell, SMS principal. The tests are graded, returned, and are used to compare the average scores of Joplin students against scores of students from other states.
   South Middle School teachers feel confident their students will do well. "I am certain that SMS students will give 110 percent," said Mrs. Gala Moss, sixth grade block teacher, who added she has no worries about the test because she is trying to implement test-taking strategies.
   "I expect my students to take the test seriously," Mrs. Barbara Rooker, seventh grade math teacher, said.
(Room 210 Staff Writer Kane McCaslin contributed to this article.)


Eighth grade volleyball players Brenna Jamerson and Mallory Fuller donned some unusual apparel for the end-of--the-season party for the team Oct. 6.