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Student Council Dance 4-25-2003


This rare photo of eighth grade student council representative Zach Towers dancing was taken at the Diamond Middle School Student Council Dance Friday, April 25, 2003. Zach's dance partner is classmate Thia Wiggins.


Sixth grader Eris Baker displays the abilities which enabled her to win the limbo contest.


Seventh graders Lee Hollars and Katelyn Long pose for the camera during one of the slow songs.


These seventh grade girls enjoyed themselves at the dance.


Sixth graders Emily Edge and Jonathan Eaves share a dance.


Don't worry. It's the camera that seventh grader Kasey Hockman is upset about, not her dancing partner, Benny Taylor.


A triumphant Thia Wiggins became the first Diamond Middle School student to lead eighth grade Student Council member Zach Towers onto the dance floor in two years. Imagine how she's going to do when she gets that law degree.

Photos by Courtney Sweet and Sarah Sweet


"Would you fancy this dance, Miss McCallum?" our own transplanted Englishman Joe Carpenter probably did not ask Samantha before this slow number.


Dances are times for old friends, such as eighth graders Alyssa Simpson and Casey Welch, to get together and talk.


"The Wonder Boys," seventh graders Daniel Jones and Harrison George, display the kind of dancing that would have made them a hit in the disco era.


Student Council sponsor Mrs. Renee Jones, right, and faculty chaperone Mrs. Nancy Berry enjoy one of their few restful moments during the dance.


We don't know what Alyssa Simpson, Crystal Harrall, Amanda Cupp, Benny Taylor and Kasey Hockman are doing in this photo, but we like it anyway.


No, there wasn't a raid at the Student Council Dance Friday night. The hands are up as part of the dances.