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THE news site for the Diamond R-4 School District

The editors of the Diamond Daily are eighth graders Brittney Stevens and Ryan Cosby. Members of the editorial board are Liz Arnold, Lauren Fetters and Carra Shaffer. The sports editor is Blake Broaddus. Editorial material is written by eighth grade and seventh grade students. Letters to the editor should be sent to the current issues classroom or e-mailed to rturner229@hotmail.com


By ZACH TOWERS Staff Writer

The Diamond Middle School Academic Team concluded its successful season by finishing in first place in a year-long traveling competition against much bigger schools. Mr. Larry Augustine's team finished second during a humanities/potpourri competition at Neosho Middle School to clinch the championship.

The team won the Ozark 8 Conference championship, defeating Purdy at Purdy last week.

Team members are still trying to recover from the intense conference championship match. Mr. Augustine praised the team's members, "They were serious and knew what it took to become champions."

Team members are: Greg Dodson, Luke Hockman, Casey Patterson, Alicia Bradley, Jake Edge, Shane Gallagher, Chase Sexson and Daniel Stone.


By RYAN COSBY Diamond Daily Editor

It's almost time. The two biggest standardized tests of the year are about to come to Diamond Middle School.

The MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) and Terra Nova tests have been scheduled for the following dates:

MAP- April 23, April 24, April 25, April 30, May 1 and May 2.

Terra Nova- April 9-11

Students will be split up alphabetically with three classrooms for sixth grade, three more for seventh grade and three more for eighth grade.

This year, the sixth grade will take all four subjects, social studies, science, math and language arts in the Terra Nova. The seventh grade is taking science and communication arts. The eighth grade is taking math and social studies.

MAP bucks will be presented again to seventh and eighth graders. Sixth graders will receive Terra Nova bucks.


By BRITTNEY STEVENS Diamond Daily Editor

The Diamond Middle School Student Council Dance held March 22 in the cafeteria went well. About 75 sixth, seventh and eighth graders had a great time.

Eighth grader Amanda McKee said, "It was fun and we did a lot of cool stuff, but I wish more people could have come."

The snack bar was filled and the d. j. was jammin'. Student Council Seventh Grade Boy Representative Clint Myers said, "I think the people enjoyed it and DI had fun by watching people have fun."



Two of our own Diamond High School basketball players have been selectedt to play in the Lions District 26-E basketball game which be held sometime in June. Seniors Justen Shull and Rusty Gibbs were the two players that get to play in the game. Coach Jim Madden says "That's quite an honor for both of them to make it and quite and honor for the team. Both are very deserving."


By ZACH TOWERS Staff Writer

The Diamond Middle School academic team won the Ozark 8 Conference championship, defeating Purdy at Purdy last week. It will conclude the season Tuesday, April 2, with a humanties/potpourri contest at Neosho Middle School.

Team members are still trying to recover from the intense conference championship match. Sponsor Mr. Larry Augustine praised the team's members, "They were serious and knew what it took to become champions."

Though the kids had the incentive of either walking home or going out to eat, Mr. Augustine joked, he added that the academic team members have exceeded all of his expectations.

Team members are: Greg Dodson, Luke Hockman, Casey Patterson, Alicia Bradley, Jake Edge, Shane Gallagher, Chase Sexson and Daniel Stone.


By NICKI DAME Staff Writer

The new Diamond High School cheerleaders have been chosen.

Tryouts were held in the high school gymnasium Tuesday, March 12, through Friday, March 15. Ten girls made it including: Dezi Powers, Candace Clouse, Kelli Price, Melissa Gallagher, Tara Creekmore, Lindsay Wawrzyniak, Jackie Hail, Nicki Dame, Stephanie David and Megan Frazier.

Stephanie David decided to do cheerleading "because I like it and I think it's fun."

The dance team has also been chosen. Tryouts were held in the high school music room from Tuesday, March 12, through Monday, March 18. Ten girls also made dance team including: Casey Brown, Betty Thorp, Taunie Brewer, Becca Jones, Amanda Brown, Stephanie Barwick, Lindsey Tuter, Jena Holland, Ashley Shelton and Nicki Bunn.

Eighth grader Casey Brown said she decided to be on the dance team because "it would increase my flexibility."


By AMANDA MCKEE Staff Writer

For those students who want or need additional credit or who just generally enjoy schooling, this is for you. Edison Corporation has developed a program to fit students' needs while incorporating fun. This program is called Summer Adventure.

On Thursday, March 14, Mr. Gordanier a representative from the Edison Corporation game to Diamond Middle School and held and assembly detailing important information about Summer Adventure and their goals.

The Summer Adventure program starts May 30 at 8 a.m. and lasts until 3:30 p.m. The students will first attend four core classes in the morning and then four elective classes in the afternoon. The elective classes are rocket class, in which students build a rocket and shoot it off, go-carts- where students build their own go-cart, paint it and race it, a games class where students use computers, and an outdoors games class where students play puzzles and other similar games.

Since students tend to dislike being graded on everything, Summer Adventure will be run on a point system. Students may receive these points by participation, attendence, and attitude. As a reward to those who earn these points, their names will be put into a box and a name will be drawn every day. The prizes for the student's name that is drawn, range from a ball and glove to a race car.

On July 2nd, the end of this program, those with points for their attitude will have the opportunity to win a colored television, a DVD player, and a phillips digital tuner. Students with perfect attendance will reveive a gift card worth $100 good at either Wal-Mart or Northpark Mall. Students who only miss two days will receive a gift card worth $75 dollars, and students who only miss four days will get a gift card for $50.



By LIZ ARNOLD Staff Writer

Great things have been happening in academics at Diamond Middle School this year. Mr. Larry Augustine, as coach of the Diamond Middle School Academic Team, has led it to many victories. The team recently won a tournament at College Heights against much larger schools and won the Ozark 8 Conference championship, both of which are great accomplishments. Members of the Academic Team are: Luke Hockman, Greg Dodson, Alicia Bradley, Casey Patterson, Shane Gallagher, Chase Sexson, Daniel Stone and Jake Edge.

The participants at the Ozark 8 Conference Math and Science Championships also deserve to be commended for their hard work. We had many winners from our school. They were:

Fourth Place, Math Team, Leanne Ross, Amanda McKee, Shane Gallagher, Carra Shaffer, Taunie Brewer and Lauren Fetters.

First Place, Science Team, Liz Arnold, Stephanie David, Ryan Clouse and Lydia O'Donnell.

First Place, 7th Grade Math (tie) Leanne Ross, Shane Gallagher.

Sixth Place, Math- Carra Shaffer

Fifth Place, 7th Grade Science- Ryan Clouse

Fifth Place, 8th Grade Science- Stephanie David.

In addition to these, the participants at the History Day at Missouri Southern State College worked extremely hard on their projects. Luke Hockman and Casey Patterson qualified for state. Others competing were Lacey Carneal and Alicia Bradley.

Thanks to all of these students for their hard work and for being great assets to Diamond Middle School.


By NICKI DAME Staff Writer

The eighth graders in Mrs. Renee Jones's language arts class recently finished a research paper on the Holocaust. They spent about three weeks researching and writing.

Research papers are intense and the Holocaust is something interesting," Mrs. Jones said, adding, "The students were interested, but they struggled on bibliographies and thesis statements."

The Holocaust was the extermination of six million Jews, Gypsies and other minority groups by the Nazis.

Eighth graders said the research project made them see the Holocaust differently. "It made me see how the Jews were killed each day," Casey Brown said. "I learned about extermination camps and how there were so many ways to kill their victims. This project but interesting, but there was so much to find in so little time."

Jeff Morris said, "It made me mad that the Nazis could think that they could do that to the Jews. It helped me realize that the Jews were treated horribly."


By RYAN COSBY Diamond Daily Editor

Diamond Middle School eighth graders are eagerly anticipating an all-day field trip to Fort Scott, Kan., scheduled for May 7. The trip will help conclude the upcoming social studies unit on the Civil War.

"I've been going to Fort Scott for two years now," said Mr. Grant Reed, social studies teacher. He also took eighth graders on a field trip to the Battle of Newtonia site two years ago.

All eighth graders will attend, except for those who have had ISS and OSS in the fourth quarter.



By RYAN COSBY Diamond Daily Editor

Diamond Middle School students recently placed in the Ozark 8 Math and Science competition. Other schools competing were Purdy, Wheaton, Thomas Jefferson, Southwest, McAuley, Exeter and Verona.

DMS students placing were:

First Place- Science Team, Lydia O'Donnell, Ryan Clouse, Stephanie David and Liz Arnold

First Place- Seventh Grade Math (tie) Leanne Ross, Shane Gallagher

Fourth Place- Math Team- Leanne Ross, Amanda McKee, Shane Gallagher, Cara Shaffer, Taunie Brewer, Lauren Fetters.

Sixth Place- Math- Carra Shaffer

Fifth Place- Seventh Grade Science- Ryan Clouse

Fifth Place- Eighth Grade Science- Stephanie David

"I think they all did a great job," said Mrs. Ann Patrick, science teacher. "It gave them a lot of good academic experience. It tested their general knowledge.

The science test was a 30-minute timed test with 200 questions. The math test was also timed. It had a number of questions. Questions on the science test were over all three areas of science, life, physical and earth. The math test had some algebra and geometry.

The trophies won by the students are on display in the Diamond Middle School office.



By RYAN COSBY Diamond Daily Editor

A new constitution is in the works for the Diamond Middle School Student Council (STUCO). A council committee consisting of Kelsey Henson, Clint Myers, Leanne Ross and Ryan Cosby. They have been working during lunch hours to draft a constitution. "We're taking some ideas from other student council constitutions," Leanne Ross said.

Having a new constitution was initially suggested by Student Council sponsors Mrs. Renee Jones and Mr. Randy Turner. "We need guidelines when things go wrong or come up unexpectedly," Mr. Turner said.

The constitution will be able to be amended if seen fit by the other STUCO members. It will include the responsibilities of STUCO and it will also include how elections are handled.



Mr. Mark Harlin Mayo became the superintendent of the Diamond R-4 School District after the death of Dr. Greg Smith. Mayo said, "There was a lot of frustration dealing with the speculation of what happened." He didn't think the media treated Dr. Smith or his family fairly. During this time, Mayo continued to be supportive and positive.
Mr. Mayo's path to the superintendent position began in Lamar where he grew up. He graduated from Lamar High School and has earned several degrees from Pittsburg State University, Washburn Univerity of Topeka, Kan.,and Southwest Missouri State University.
Mr. Mayo played high school football and basketball, college football and tried out for the Oakland Raiders.


By AMANDA MCKEE Staff Writer

Mrs. Nancy Berry, DMS math teacher and the Diamond Daily's first Teacher of the Week, has always been interested in teaching. She was inspired to teach by her mother, who herself was a teacher. Having a very good mathematics teacher strengthened her passion for teaching even more.
Mrs. Berry came to Diamond in 1983, first teaching seventh and eighth grade math for 11 years. She then taught fourth graders for seven years before finally returning to the middle school to teach seventh and eighth grade math plus the first year of Algebra 1 for eighth graders. She says, "I just love teaching seventh and eighth graders. Building up my students' confidence is my goal. So many people have the idea that they can't do math and I want to prove to them they can."
Lauren Fetters from Mrs. Berry's Algebra class says, "Mrs. Berry is a really good teacher. She explains everything in a way we can understand and if we have any questions at all, she'll go back over it until we fully understand it. She also has a lot of patience with us. She's probably the best teacher I've ever had. She's a great teacher and person, you can talk to her about everything. She's so involved and cares so much about us kids."
Tanner Stevens from Mrs. Berry's eighth grade Pre Algebra class says, "If I need help with something, she helps me and tells me how to do it. She's one of those teachers who's supportive, she comes to all of our games. Like if we lose a basketball game really bad, she'll bring us donuts and milk. She's really great!"
Alyssa Simpson from Mrs. Berry's seventh grade math class says, "I like Mrs. Berry. She's nice, funny and teaches well. She has really helped me understand math while making it fun."
Mrs. Berry has been at Diamond for a total of 19 years, a time in which she has found herself in the hearts of her students.


By ZACH TOWERS Staff Writer

The Diamond Middle School Chess Club is edging closer to tournaments. Up until now, it has only hgad practices. Mrs. Renee Jones, club sponsor, said, "We should expect tournaments toward the end of the year."
Mrs. Jones started the program. "The school needed another academic program," she said."It is a game that mixes strategy and skill and a great deal of patience."
The club is set up in three levels, beginner, skilled and advanced. When it was first started, Mrs. Jones printed out the rules and went over them with the members. She also said that she feels the more advanced combatants have been great in helping out the less experienced players.
Chess Club members are: Ryan Cosby, Charles Forest, Shane Gallagher, Dylan Kelly, Genero Rangel, Spencer Snow, Alex Chavana, Scott Gill, Chris Dalgleish and Harrison George.
Mrs. Jones encouraged people to join the Chess Club. The cost is $3



Friends and family are mourning the loss of Wendy Harrell, a 2000 Diamond High School graduate, who died in a car accident Jan. 16, three miles north of Asbury.

"Wendy was really nice and she was fun to be around. A lot of people are going to miss her." said eighth grader Michelle Darr, who used to be babysat by Wendy.

Darci Price, another eighth grader also knew Wendy. "Wendy was bubbly and full of life." said Darci remembering how happy Wendy was. "She and her sister were like, best friends, they were always together." Darci talked to Wendy occasionally about things going on in their lives and they confided in each other."

Wendy was involved in many school activities such as softball, volleyball, school plays, FBLA, FTA, FCCLA, and choir. Wendy and her sister, Kathy Harrell, were very close friends. They participated together in many school activities, especially school spirit week.

Wendy and Kathy could be seen together wearing goofy outfits, facepaint, and having wacky hairstyles... they were in on it together, all the way, and it paid off, too. They were voted multiple times for most school spirit wackiest getup, and other awards for their great school spirit. Wendy always exemplified school spirit with her manner toward people, her sportsmanship, and her kindness. Wendy was always there for her wide range of friends when they needed her. And she had a deep love for children, Darci remembered.

"Wendy loved little kids, she would play with them all the time."



Denise Ann Mounts is a woman of many talents.
The new Diamond Middle School principal was a basketball player, high school cheerleader, editor of her school yearbook, and a track star. She ran low hurdles and ran the 50 and 100 yard dashes. She also has devoted her life to education. She went to college at Northwest Missouri State University, University of Missouri, Southwest Missouri State University and St. Louis University. She has been a guidance counselor, taught high school English and journalism. She was also an assistant principal at Joplin High School .
Ms. Mounts was born in Bethany, Mo. She attended grades K-12 at Pattensburg.
Ms. Mounts has three children. Her oldest is Cory, who is married to Tara. They have a baby named Brooks. Whitney is a junior at Missouri Southern State College. Her youngest child is Wes, a senior at Joplin High School. She also has two dogs which are Labs, a peanut butter colored one named Tabby and a chocolate colored one named Lizzie.
The Diamond job was an attractive one to Ms. Mounts "Diamond has good students and a lot of pride," she said. Her goals for Diamond are some that any principal would want. "I would like to improve the achievement level and improve the way the students respect each other.
"I'm really proud to be principal here. I think it's a good place."



Diamond Middle School parents were able to see how their children were doing in school when report cards were mailed out Jan. 11. The grade cards also included scores of the Terra Nova tests and M.A.P. tests that their children took last spring.
Ms. Denise Mounts, middle school principal, said, "It was the most efficient and timely way of making sure the parents got the report cards and test scores."
Mr. Mark Mayo, superintendent, was the first to think of this idea. Ms. Mounts said she wants to do this from now on.
Ms. Mounts also said that "if any of the parents have any questions about the Terra Nova test and the M.A.P test, just come by or call at:
(417) 325-5336."



The Diamond Middle School academic team is going strong this year. Members are: eighth graders Luke Hockman, Greg Dodson, and Casey Patterson and seventh graders Daniel Stone, Alicia Bradley, Chase Sexson, Shane Gallagher, and Jake Edge. The teams were chosen at a tryout. Mr.Larry Augustine, sponsor, asked them questions and whoever got the highest scores made it on the academic team. The coach, Mr. Augustine, doesn't push his team. They only practice one day a week for an hour. With only five meets left, their record is 3-1. Their next meet is Jan. 29 against Purdy at a traveling challenge. They are only competing in math at this meet.

Welcome to Diamond Daily


The Diamond Daily is a newspaper that 7th and 8th graders at Diamond Middle School are publishing. It will be updated everyday, but printed out and distributed to students, teachers and administrators every other day. The stories will always be on Wildcat Central, along with other news items.
The Editorial Board that oversees the paper consists of Ryan Cosby and Brittney Stevens, co-editors, Lauren Fetters, Liz Arnold, and Carra Shaffer, board members. Stories will be written by seventh and eighth graders in Mr. Randy Turner's Current Issues class. Initially, it is being done as a class project. When the class project comes to an end, the newspaper and internet site will be done by volunteers who will make up the Diamond Daily staff.
The Diamond Daily will include stories about education, extracurricular activities, and features on students and teachers. Any comments about the site should be made to any of the editorial board members, Mr. Turner or e-mail at either rturner229@hotmail.com or currentissuesrt@hotmail.com.

Science Students Prepare for Olympiad


Diamond Middle School students are competing in a contest called the Science Olympiad. The Science Olympiad is a competition between students from all over the four states over science questions, building electrical cars and verbal tests.
They do all sorts of things, like hands on activities, identifying objects, like rocks and minerals.The grades consist of 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. Mr. Tracy Douglas, the 6th and 7th grade science teacher, and Mrs. Ann Patrick, the 7th and 8th grade teacher, are coaching the science olympiad students.
A full Science Olympiad team consists of about 15 to 20 kids. Mr. Douglas has taught the Science Olympiad for four years at Kansas. He intends to help with the Olympiad for as long as possible. His favorite kinds of projects are the hands on projects and the ones where you build. The Science Olympiad will be held on February 9 at Missouri Southern State College. Students who are tentatively set to participate are: Chad Dalgleish, Tim Carver, Amanda Morris, John Fountain, Caitlin Carter, Kasey Hockman, Matthew Witt, Ashley Robinson, David Robinson, Jessica Webb, Jenifer Dial, Morgan Fickle, Daniel Jones, Harrison George, Chris Dalgleish, Andy Struewing, Cody Allerton, Dylan Kelly, David Simons, Kayla Bass, Daniel Stone, Nick Long, Clint Meyers, Jake Edge, Chase Sexson, Alicia Bradley, Alex Chavana, Whitney Booyer, Jama Etcheson, Chelsie Baker, Dana Bridges, Jacque Lasiter, Alyshia Bowles, Leanne Ross, Samantha Vincent, Zach Towers, Shane Gallagher, Thia Wiggins, Lydia O'Donnell, Kevin Harrell,
Charles Forest, Scott Gill, Ben Taylor, Aaron Johnson, Kyle Lowry, Paul Holland, Kevin Ortega, Greg Dodson, Luke Hockman, Casey Patterson, Nate Jones, Robert Castro, Raymond Tapp, Brandi Johnson, Taunie Brewer, Cory Bass, Zach Barger, Naomi Miller, and Tia Finley.


By NICKI DAME Staff Writer

Diamond Elementary students watched March 20 as their principal, Mrs. Deanna Yokley, kissed a pig. She promised to do this if students earned 5,000 points for reading as part of the school's Accelerated Reader program. The students passed that goal and earned 7,194 points.

Students who met their individual goals signed the Wall of Fame and received a t-shirt. Twenty students in first grade met their goal, eight in second grade, 23 in third, five in fourth and 15 in fifth.

Before Mrs. Yokley kissed the pig, she presented a new challenge. If the students reach a goal of 14,000 points, she will allow the teachers to get a dunk tank and then the students will try to dunk her.

Also, the teacher whose students collect the most points will get a day off.

After Mrs. Yokley presented the students with their new challenge, she put on the lipstick and the kids called the pig. Diamond High School sophomore Jesse Sweet brought the pig in, then Mrs. Yokley leaned in and kissed it twice on the head.


By: BRITTNEY STEVENS, Diamond Daily editor and ZACH TOWERS, staff writer

The Diamond Middle School academic team may have taken first at the College Heights meet, which Mr. Augustine described as intense and down to the wire, but the fun has only begun. On March 20, they travel to Purdy for a p (general knowledge). If they win that they set 1st in conference.

Mr. Augustine has high hopes for his team. He can't wait till the Purdy Competition. Mr. Augustine exclaims,"Their going down!"

Team members are: Eighth graders Luke Hockman, Casey Patterson, and Greg Dodson and seventh graders Shane Gallagher, Alicia Bradley, Chase Sexson, Jake Edge, and Daniel Stone.

At College Heights, they competed against Carthage, Monett, Carl Junction, Seneca, Lamar, and Neosho.

The team is currently tied for first place in the Ozark 8 Conference and will play Purdy for the conference championship on Wednesday, March 20.

Lobbey dead at 62

By NICKI DAME Staff Writer

Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, Jasper County Clerk Jim Lobbey died of a heart attack,according to the Jasper County coroner.
Mr. Lobbey was a guest speaker in last year's seventh grade current issues class. Shortly after he spoke
to the class, he was asked to go to Florida to help with the recounting of votes in the presidential election.
He worked at local television stations for several years, doing news, weather and acting as host for Teen Hop a dance, show for area teens. More recently, he served as the commercial spokesman for Kenny Neal Ford in Sarcoxie.
"He was a nice and interesting man," eighth grader Daniel Price said. Price not only heard Mr. Lobbey speak, but he was also introduced to the county clerk by his grandmother, Jasper County Commissioner Anna Ruth Crampton. "He was pretty cool," Price said.
"He was a really good guy," eighth grader Brandi Johnson said. "I enjoyed his talk. It helped me understand elections more. He was one of the best speakers we had last year."

New shop to aid middle school students


The new shop building that is being built along with the new high school, will be an advantage for the school district, says Jim Hettinger, shop teacher.
Many other middle schools don't provide industrial arts, but with our new building and tools, many of the Diamond students will be encouraged to take shop in further classes.
"Both quality and quantity of the projects has drastically increased this year over previous years," said Mr. Hettinger.
Mr. Hettinger is designing his side of the new building and Mr. Brian Nelson, the ag teacher, will design his side of the building.
Mr. Hettinger has had 30 years of experience of shop work.
"I'm very excited and anticipated about the new shop. The new shop will be a great improvement.

First wrestling season is a success

By BLAKE BROADDUS Sports Editor and TANNER STEVENS Staff Writer

A new sport was added at Diamond High School in the year 2001. The new science teacher was at a meeting and someone mentioned that they thought we should have a wrestling team. and Coach Tracy Douglas just happened to have some wrestling experience on his record. That is how he got his job.
His team at the very beginning was pretty bad. The wrestlers did not even know what the ring in the middle of the mat was for, he said. Now that every one of his players has improved a lot. He is very happy with his team. He wishes that at least one of his players will go to state. The district, regional and state wrestling tournaments concluded last weekend.
Coach Douglas loves to coach wrestling. He plans to coach it for as long as possible. He thinks it would be nice to have as many people as possible go out for the sport, but he is pretty happy with how many he has.
He wishes that a little more people would come and watch, because after all it is a sport just as well as basketball. The members of the high school wrestling team are: Cody Daniels, Bobby Taylor, Daniel Brown, Brandon Jessup, Jessie Sweet, T.J. Holland, Zack Cope, Kyle Kelso, Anthony Shipman, Kody Kelso, Justin Bessman, Dusty Newsom, Amanda Ferguson, Timmy Matthews, and Greg Vincent.

Honor roll trip set


The second quarter and first semester honor roll lists have been released. The honor students will be going on a Honor Roll Trip Thursday Feb. 7. They will go to Northpark Mall to eat then off to bowling at Richard's Bowl East. The bus will leave at 11:15 a.m. and return at 3 p.m.
Those making the first semester honor roll include:

Eighth grade- Elizabeth Arnold, Joshua Bass, Kayla Bass, Taunie Brewer, Casey Brown, Ryan Cosby, Nicki Dame, Michelle Darr, Stephanie David, Greg Dodson, Josh Dresslaer, Lauren Fetters, Tia Finely, Ricki Fountain, John Gossard, Luke Hockman, Brandi Johnson, Chad Leuellen, Amanda McKee, Mikeal Meister, Jeff Morris, Casey Patterson, Darci Price, Carra Shaffer, Brittney Stevens.

Seventh grade- Alicia Bradley, Amanda Brashear, Dana Bridges, Carrie Castor, Alex Chavana, Ryan Clouse, Kacie Cooper, Leanne Dardenne, Katie Dodson, Colton Drake, Jake Edge, Shane Gallagher, Cameron Harrington, Michael Lane, Clint Myers, Jake Nelson, Michelle Nickolaisen, Clay Norwood, Lydia O'Donnell, Kevin Ortega, Leanne Ross, Alyssa Simpson, Spencer Snow, Daniel Stone, Zach Towers.

Sixth grade-Mikel Boman, Jennifer Buening, Lacey Carneal, Caitlin Carter, Amanda Cupp, David Dodson, Daniel Drake, Timothy Enayati, Morgan Fickle, Devin Greenwood, Amanda Harris, Kelsey Henson, Eli Hicks, Kasey Hockman, James Hollars, Clint Jones, Jayma King, Laureano Kuri, Tonya Loyd, Krystal Morgan, Amanda Morris, Cody Palmer, Curtis Russell, Kaci Scribner, Tanner Seward, Courtney Sweet, Sarah Sweet, Stephanie Taylor, Rylee Tomlinson, Courtney Wall, Rebecca Warthen, Jessica Webb, Kayla Webb.

Those making the Second Quarter Honor roll include:

Eighth grade-Liz Arnold, Kayla Bass, Taunie Brewer, Blake Broaddus, Casey Brown, Ryan Cosby, Nicki Dame, Michelle Darr, Stephanie David, Greg Dodson, Lauren Fetters, Tia Finley, Ricki Fountain, John Gossard, Luke Hockman, Chad Leuellen, Amanda Mckee, Mikeal Meister, Jeff Morris, Casey Patterson, Darci Price, Carra Shaffer, Brittney Stevens.

Seventh grade- Brittany Barwick, Alicia Bradley, Amanda Brashear, Dana Bridges, Carrie Castor, Alex Chavana, Ryan Clouse, Kacie Cooper, Leanne Dardenne, Katelyn Dodson, Jake Edge, Shane Gallagher, Cameron Harrington, Micheal Lane, Clint Myers, Clay Norwood, Lydia O'Donnell, Kevin Ortega, Leanne Ross, Alyssa Simpson, Spencer Snow, Daniel Stone.

Sixth grade- Jennifer Buening, Lacey Carneal, Caitlin Carter, Amanda Cupp, David Dodsoon, Morgan Fickle, Devin Greenwood, Kelsey Henson, Eli Hicks, Kasey Hockman, Lee Hollars, Clint Jones, Jayma King, Laureano Kuri, Krystal Morgan, Amanda Morris, Cody Palmer, Kaci Scribner, Tanner Seward, Courtney Sweet, Sarah Sweet, Stephanie Taylor,Rylee Tomlinson, Courtney Wall, Rebecca Warthen, Jessica Webb, Kayla Webb.

Snack bar will be added next year


The snack bar is coming.
When the new Diamond High School is complete, the lunch room will feature a snack bar, according to Fern James, head cook.
Hamburgers, fries and pizza will be on the menu. When students go through the line, they will not have a choice of the menu or snack bar. If they choose the snack bar, they will have to pay in cash not lunch card.
The opening of the new school will bring challenges to Fern James. Not only will she have to be in the high school cafeteria, but also in the elementary cafeteria. More workers will have to be hired. Clearly, Ms. James, who is already a very busy woman, has some busy days ahead of her.

New nurse begins duties

The new face in Diamond Middle School isn't so new after all. Debbie Baker started her first day since 1997 as the school's nurse on January 15, 2002.
Mrs. Baker was a nurse here at Diamond from Aug. 1991 to May 1997. "I love nursing, I've wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl, and it's so much fun to see how much the kids have grown and I really did miss them."


Art Club painting mural

By RYAN COSBY editor, CORY BASS and JOSH BASS, staff writers

A mural of stars hangs over the threshold of the elementary library. This project was painted by a group of young artists called the Diamond Middle School and High School Art Club.
The mural, which was requested by the elementary teachers, depicts a number of stars. Its purpose is to promote a reading program called "Reach For the Stars".
The art club is a mixture of people between 6th and 12th grade. "I was disappointed on the turnout of people." said Mrs. Graves, art teacher. "We have enough to have fun, though."
The Art Club meets on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. The students enter contests and learn more about art.
"One of our next subjects that is good is photography," said Mrs. Graves, adding, "Soon we will be done with our mural. We will be up for request of artwork by other teachers."
The Art Club is accepting new members for anyone in sports who wants to be in the club after the sports season is over.

Kelsey Henson joins Student Council

By DARCI PRICE Staff Writer

Kelsey Henson joined Diamond Middle School Student Council as 6th grade girl representative Jan. 9.
Kelsey was runner-up in last year's vote for girl representative. "I think (Student Council) will be fun,"said Kelsey. She thinks she can uphold her role as a girl representative and help keep people happy.
In her free time, Kelsey enjoys playing basketball. Her favorite subject is math. She gets good grades. She has been at Diamond since kindergarten and plans to graduate here and move on to college.

Farley, Jones crowned DHS Homecoming royalty


"Please, please, don't let me trip and fall," Amanda Farley thought as she walked across the gym floor, arm in arm with the soon to be Diamond High School Basketball Homecoming king, senior Ryan Jones.
Amanda didn't trip and fall, and a few moments later, she was crowned 2002 Homecoming queen.
"Being voted in as Homecoming Queen my senior year, by my peers is a very big honor," Amanda said. "I was shocked and excited when my name was announced."
Being a queen candidate alone would be "nervewracking and stressful," as Amanda described it, but imagine having basketball practice at 6:30 a.m., having a complete day at school and then waiting through the junior varsity game for the coronation ceremony to begin. Plus, Amanda was running against her best friend , senior Chelsea Waddell. "It wasn't like Chelsea and I could go get ready together like we normally do," said Amanda.
"At first, it was actually kind of hard to run against each other, but the mood lightened tonight," said Amanda.
"Just being voted to be a candidate was special for my senior year," said senior candidate Chelsea Waddell. "It was hard running against your best friend, I mean no one wanted to lose, but I'm glad Amanda won. She deserves it."