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Ozark 8 Math and Science

Diamond seventh and eighth graders dominated the Ozark 8 Math and Science competition at Crowder College in Neosho March 10. The seventh and eighth grade math team took first place as did the seventh and eighth grade science team. Individually, Daniel Jones won fourth place in seventh grade math, with Tim Enayati taking fifth. Le Ann Dardenne finished sixth in eighth grade math. Leanne Ross took third in eighth grade algebra with Shane Gallagher finishing fourth. Alicia Bradley took second place in geometry. Sarah Sweet captured first place honors in seventh grade science while Zach Towers won first place in eighth grade science and Michelle Nickolaisen finished third.

Michelle, Sarah, Alyssa, Zach, Kasey and Eli were the top Ozark 8 science team.

The science team gets down to business.


Eighth graders Alyssa Simpson, Amanda Brashear, Leanne Ross and Shane Gallagher really didn't make Le Ann Dardenne crawl up the stairs to get her crutches, but it made for a dramatic photo.

Seventh grader Tim Enayati took fifth place in math.

Zach Towers accepts the first place award for 8th grade science.

Alicia Bradley accepts the second place award for geometry.

Photos by Mr. Tom Danner

Shane Gallagher accepts his fourth place award in eighth grade algebra.

Sarah Sweet accepts the first place award for seventh grade science.

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There may be time for eighth graders Zach Towers, Alyssa Simpson, Shane Gallagher, Amanda Brashear, Leanne Ross and Le Ann Dardenne to pose for photos, but seventh grader Kasey Hockman is going to keep hitting the books.