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Homework Hotline/Study Skills

This page will be used to allow Diamond R-4 teachers to post homework assignments and any other messages they want to leave for their students or for parents.Links are also provided to help parents and students with study skills.

CURRENT ISSUES- Students in the Current Issues classes are reminded to either watch a news program on television, get a news story off the Internet or one from a newspaper. They will be required to write a half-page about the news story each day. They are allowed to write about sports or entertainment on Mondays. This week (Aug. 19-Aug.23), the eighth grade Current Issues class will begin a unit on the First Amendment. Seventh and sixth grade Current Issues students will be working on writing basics.
READING SKILLS- The seventh and eighth grade reading skills classes are working on setting daily, short-term and long-term goals. Within the next few days, they will begin learning strategies to help them with reading textbooks and non-fiction materials. The class will also spend considerable time in the computer lab and in the library.

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Proper study skills are essential for a student to enjoy success in the Diamond R-4 School District. One website that offers help with these skills as well as access to other useful information is Awesome Library.

Awesome Library

Parents play a key role in the success of students in the Diamond R-4 School District. A link to a website offering a description of key study skills for students is featured below.

Center for Effective Parenting