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Meet Your Teachers

RENEE JONES- Mrs. Jones teaches language arts to seventh and eighth graders. This is her sixth year in the Diamond R-4 School District. Before coming here, she spent one year at Lockwood, where she created the gifted program. She attended Springdale High School in Springdale, Ark., Crowder College in Neosho, where she graduated with highest honors and Missouri Southern State College, from which she graduated summa cum laude. Her husband, Mr. Eddie Jones, is the athletic director and director of transportation for the Diamond R-4 School District. Mrs. Jones has two sons, Harrison, 12, a seventh grader at Diamond Middle School, and Ryan, 19, a student at Ozark Technical College in Springfield. She has one daughter, Audra, who graduated last year from Diamond High School. Mrs. Jones is co-sponsor of Middle School Student Council and the Chess Club. "Diamond students are the best," she said. "It is wonderful to work with such a close-knit group of kids who are generally supportive and concerned for one another."
NANCY BERRY- Mrs. Berry teaches seventh grade math, eighth grade math and high school algebra. She has been in the Diamond R-4 School District for 20 years. Before coming to Diamond, she taught three years at Salisbury, MO. She graduated from Webb City High School, received her bachelor's degree from Missouri Southern State College and her master's degree from Southwest Missouri State University. She is married to Charles Berry and has a stepdaughter, Shelly, three grandchildren, Mark, Danielle and Matthew, two dogs, Molly and Angel and a cat Sugar. Her hobbies are golf, playing piano and traveling.
MERRI BRUMMETT- Miss Brummett teaches sixth grade communication arts, sixth grade reading skills and seventh grade communication arts. She has been in the Diamond R-4 School District for eight years. She is a 1985 graduate of Diamond High School, a 1993 graduate of Missouri Southern State College, from which she received a bachelor of science in elementary education, and a 2000 graduate of Southwest Missouri State University, from which she received a master's degree in educational administration. Her parents still live in the Diamond School District. She has four brothers who live in Missouri and Arkansas. Her hobbies are reading, spending time with friends and family and supporting the Indian tribes of Northeast Oklahoma. "A formal education is a necessary tool for today's job market," Miss Brummett said. "Life is all about choices and you choose what you get out of your education by what you put in it."
MELISSA SNOW- Mrs. Snow is middle school secretary. She has been in the Diamond R-4 School system for five years. She was a teacher's assistant in the elementary school for three years. She graduated from Seneca High School in 1984 and attended Missouri Southern State College. She and her husband, Greg, have a son, Spencer, 14, and a daughter, Hannah, 9. Mrs. Snow's hobbies are playing the piano and scrapbooking.
KAY GRAVES- Kay Graves teaches art at Diamond Middle School. She received her degree in special education from Missouri Southern State College and her art education degree from the University of Missouri. She has also sold fine jewelry in a department store and taught special education and art education. She has three children and one grandchild. Her hobbies and interests include knitting, painting, collecting antiques and costume design. The Art Club for students meets Wednesdays after school until 4:30 p.m.

RACHAEL MADDEN- Rachael Madden teaches social studies at Diamond Middle School. She received her associate's degree from State Fair Community College in Sedalia. She received her bachelor of science degree in education from Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg. She taught one semester at Sedalia Middle School, served as assistant women's basketball coach at Green Ridge High School and assistant woman's basketball coach at State Fair Community College. Her husband,Jim, teaches at Diamond High School. Her hobbies and interests include basketball, softball, music and art. Mrs. Madden said, "Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times. Don't worry about failure. Worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try." Parents may contact Mrs. Madden during her planning period from 9:25 to 10:15 a.m. or reach her at her home number, 417-850-8384.

BOBBIE SWEET- Bobbie Sweet teaches high school and middle school special services. She attended Granby Elementary School, East Newton High School and Missouri Southern State College. "I've worked in factory, retail, bank and payroll and been a stay-at-home mom," Mrs. Sweet said. She taught four years in Pierce City. She has been married to Marty Sweet for 17 years. They have three children, a son, Jesse, a sophomore at Diamond High School, and twin daughters, Sarah and Courtney, both of whom are in sixth grade. Mrs. Sweet's interests include reading, community leader for 4-H, and going to fairs in the summer with her kids.

TRACY J. DOUGLAS- Tracy Douglas teaches sixth and seventh and eighth grade science. He attended Wayne Community High School in Coryden, Iowa, Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa, and received his master's degree from Baker University. He taught seven years at Clark Middle School and he worked five years in golf course maintenance. He and his wife, Jean Shepherd Douglas, have a son, Taylor Jordan Douglas. Mr. Douglas's hobbies are golf and collecting baseball cards. "You may contact me anytime, even at my home," Mr. Douglas said. "I want the students to be successful."

LARRY CUNNINGHAM- Larry Cunningham teaches sixth, seventh and eighth grade health and ninth grade physical education. He graduated from Crowder College and Missouri Southern State College. He spent three years in the Army. He and his wife, Kathy, have a son Nathan, 20. Mr. Cunningham is interested in sports and owns a trophy shop, Larry's Trophies. Anyone interested in trophies may call 325-5368. Mr. Cunningham may be reached at the school between 8:15 and 9:21 a.m.

JAMES HETTINGER- James Hettinger teaches industrial arts, Woods 1 and Woods 2. He graduated from high school in 1965, received an associate degree in electronics in 1967, his bachelor's degree from the University of Northern Colorado in 1972 and his master's degree from the University of Southern Colorago in 1975. He was an electronic technician in the Air Force and has been involved in construction and farm work. He has a 26-year-old son and a 21-year-old daughter. "Come to your son or daughter's class and watch them work with industrial power tools as they work on their projects," Mr. Hettinger said.

TIMOTHY HIGGINSON- Mr. Higginson teaches in-school suspension (ISS). He has his bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University. He taught one year in Tooele, Utah and has taught in Diamond for 22 years. He is married and has four children, three girls and one boy, ages 15 to 23. His interests are working with wood and chip carving.

LARRY AUGUSTINE- Mr. Augustine teaches math to sixth and seventh graders and communications to sixth graders. He received his bachelor of arts degree in psychology and a bachelor of science degree in education from Missouri Southern State College. He earned his master's degree from Southwest Missouri State University. He has 22 years of teaching experience, the last 21 of them at Diamond. His wife, Tina, is a third grade teacher at Benton Elementary in Neosho. He has two daughters, Charity, 22, and Casie, 20, and a son, Blake, 6. Mr. Augustine's hobbies are fishing, carpentry and watching TV.

BRAD HOCKER- Coach Hocker teaches elementary physical education and the at-risk program. He graduated from Archie HIgh School, attended Kansas State University, Central Missouri State University and received his education degree from Missouri Southern State College. He played football at K State and at MSSC where he learned football coaching techniques. He did an internship at Jasper and did his student teaching at Diamond. His family includes his parents, Ronald and Gladys and his older brothers, Alan and David. His hobbies and interests include lifting weights, playing sports and spending time with friends and loved ones. Coach Hocker has one message to give to parents. "Your child comes first and always will."

FRANK ESPOSITO- Mr. Esposito teaches study skills at Diamond Middle School. He graduated from Northeast High School in Arma, Kan., in 1985 and received his bachelor's degree in education from Pittsburg State University in 1990 and will receive his master's degree in administration from Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, in fall 2000. He spent three years as a rule 10 coach at Northeast High School, two years at the Savannah R-3 School, two years at the Craig R-3 School and has been in the Diamond R-4 School District since August 1994. He has a wife and three children. His hobbies include fishing, playing with his kids and working around the house.

GRANT REED- Mr. Reed teaches social studies at Diamond Middle School. He received his bachelor of science degree in education from Pittsburg State University. This is his sixth year in the Diamond R-4 School District. He taught three years at Jasper and spent one year as a para-professional at Northeast of Arma. He did his professional semester at Riverton. His wife, Cathy, is a special education teacher in the Jasper R-5 School District. His interests include watching and coaching football, playing golf, fishing, and charity organizations. He teaches eighth grade American history to all eighth graders and has half of the seventh graders for world history. Social studies grades are based on 50 percent of 100 percent daily scores and 50 percent of 100 percent tests. "Please feel free to call at any time to check on grades or assignments," he said. He may be contacted at 325-5336 or at home at 316-231-1143.

BILLIE JO HARDY- Mrs. Hardy teaches vocal music for grades K-12. She received her bachelor's and master's degree in music education from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She was a singer and dancer at the Molly Brown Dinner Theater in Hannibal and has been in several community theater productions. She is director of the Calvary Baptist Children's Choir in Neosho. She and her husband, Craig, have a daughter Bree, who is in eighth grade, and two sons, Chance and Cort, who are four years old. Her interests include sports, Wizard of Oz collectibles, music and theater. "Let's get fired up about music," she says. "It with us for the rest of our lives.

ROB LUNDIEN- Mr. Lundien teaches band and music. He received his bachelor of science degree in education from Missouri Southern State College and is working on his master's degree at Southwest Missouri State University. He has taught in the Liberal R-2 and Nevada R-5 school districts. He is also the junior high band vice president of the Southwest Missouri Music Educators Association. He is a clinician and an adjudicator at local parades and band festivals. He says he has "no time for hobbies. When I do have time, I like to run, play tennis, spend time with family and I like to be involved in my Sunday school class at Forest Park Baptist Church in Joplin." Call 325-5188 if you have any questions or concerns.

RANDY TURNER- Mr. Turner, who is in his third year at Diamond Middle School, teaches current issues, a class that stresses writing. Also, students have the opportunity to examine issues in the news and to learn the important roles they can play in American society. He is a graduate of East Newton High School, Crowder College and Missouri Southern State College. He did his student teaching at Diamond Junior High School in 1981, under the guidance of Randy Switzer. He spent most of his adult life as a journalist, working for The Newton County News, the Lamar Democrat, the Lockwood Luminary-Golden City Herald and from 1990-1999, he worked at The Carthage Press, spending the last five years as managing editor. He publishes a news website called The Turner Report and is interested in sports, reading and collects 1950s and 1960s rock records. He may be reached at 325-5336 (school), 417-358-1740, or by e-mail at rturner229@hotmail.com

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