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Diamond Middle School Dance

It was a magical evening for Diamond Middle School students as they attended the first Student Council Dance of the 2002-2003 school year. The disc jockey was Jason Knight of KSYN-92. The dance was held in the music room for the first time. Relive the memories of the dance on this page.


Those attending the Student Council Dance had a group photo taken at the conclusion of the event. The photo, in addition to being on this page of Wildcat Central, will be featured along with other dance photos, on the website www.jasonknights.com


Sixth grader Cameron Scribner did a great job at the limbo, but it was only good enough for second place as limbo pro Lauri Kuri took the title and won a KSYN-92 t-shirt.


Eighth graders Josh Matthews and Casey Welch partcipate in one of several dance competitions that disc jockey Jason Knights conducted.


Sixth graders Lindsey Gilbert and Ethan Lucas enjoy a slow dance.




Student Council President Kacie Cooper and Brittany Barwick were among the many eighth graders who showed off their dancing ability Thursday night.


Eighth graders Daniel Stone and Kacee Baldwin showed some smooth dance steps.


Seventh graders Kaci Scribner and John Fountain made a dashing couple on the dance floor.



YMCA was one of the popular dance routines Diamond Middle School students did Thursday night.