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The events of Oct. 31, 2001
Newton County News article
Carthage Press article
The events of Oct. 31, 2001

Greg Smith Feature- 2-29-2000

Diamond school official missing, 11-2-2001

Search continues for missing educator, 11-3-2001

Educator still listed as missing

Official still missing, 11-6-2001

Friends offer reward, 11-8-2001

Autopsy set for today, 11-13,2001

No cause of death revealed, 11-14-2001

Greg Smith death notice, 11-14-2001

Superintendent's wife angry, 11-15-2001

Friends pay tribute, 11-18-2001

Autopsy: Little water in lungs, 11-21-2001

Reward remains unclaimed, 11-22-2001

Coroner: No need for grand jury probe, 12-1-2001

Landowners claim reward, 12-11-2001

Coroner's ruling set for today, 12-18-2001

Suicide by drowning, 12-19-2001

Simpson names Smith story to top 10, 12-31-2001

Official heavily insured, 2-4-2002

Coroner's interesting case, 2-24-2002

Letter to the editor, 4-19-2002

Letter to the editor, 4-20-2002

Woman dies in fire, 5-17-2002

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