Room 210

"The Landlady" Test

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Comprehension (35 points, 5 points each)
1. When Billy arrives in Bath, he
a. does not have a job
b. does not have a place to stay
c. has plenty of money
d. looks for entertainment
2. At first, Billy feels lucky to find the boardinghouse because
a. No other rooms are available in the city.
b. Unlike The Bell and Dragon, it is close to his office.
c. It seems warm and comfortable.
d. The porter's directions were confusing.
3. When Billy looks through the window of the boardinghouse, what does he see?
a. He sees a dachshund lying in front of the fireplace.
b. He sees the landlady mixing chemicals together.
c. He sees several guests sitting around the fireplace.
d. He sees the landlady drinking a cup of tea.
4. Billy believes the cost of a room at the boardinghouse is
a. affordable as long as he doesn't order eggs for breakfast
b. extremely cheap
c. reasonable, but that he can find something cheaper
d. extremely expensive
5. The landlady asks Billy to do one thing before he goes to bed. What is it?
a. She asks him to walk the dog.
b. She asks him to go to the store for her.
c. She asks him to sign the guest book.
d. She asks him to help her stuff a dead animal.
6. As Billy is drinking his tea, he
a. comments on how tasty it is
b. notices it tastes odd, like bitter almonds
c. wishes the landlady would offer him more
d. develops a stomachache
7. Based on clues in the story, what is the most likely fate of the landlady's guests?
a. She hits them over the head and stuffs them.
b. She poisons them and stuffs them.
c. She chats with them endlessly until they have to excuse themselves.
Literary Element: Foreshadowing (Write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items.)
8. Which of the following details provides the best hint about the landlady's secret?
a. The front of the building is rather shabby.
b. The downstairs window is brightly lit.
c. The landlady explains that she stuffs all her dead pets.
d. The landlady serves tea and cookies to Billy before he goes up to his room.
9. Which of the following events in the story is the best example of foreshadowing?
a. The porter sends Billy to the Bell and Dragon.
b. The landlady is kind and friendly to Billy.
c. Billy can afford the cost of a room in the boardinghouse.
d. The landlady serves tea and cookies to Billy before he goes up to his room.
10. Vocabulary (25 points; 5 points each) Write the Word to Own that has the same meaning as the italicized word or phrase in the sentence.
facades   congenial  rapacious  tantalizing  emanate
10. The landlady was not greedy where money was concerned.
11. Billy should have been warned by the strange smell that seemed to come forth from the landlady.
12. Often, fronts of buildings give no clude as to what is happening inside.
13. Our pleasant hostess offered us another cup of tea.
14. The familiarity of the names in the guest book was teasing Billy's memory.
Grammar Link: Regular and Irregular Verbs (10 points, 2 points each) Write the correct form of the verb given in parentheses.
15. The boy (past tense of eat) his biscuits while his tea cooled.
16. The landlady has (past participle of gather) all the dirty clothes.
17. The neighbors (past tense of bring) some fresh vegetables to the boardinghouse.
18. The boy (past tense of hurt) his leg when he bumped into the sofa.
19. The landlady's other guests have (past participle of disappear)
20. Essay- Using examples, write a paragraph contrasting appearances with reality in "The Landlady."