Room 210

Diary of Anne Frank Test

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Comprehension: Write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items. (5 points apiece)

1. Why do the characters arrive at the annex wearing several layers of clothing?
a. The weather is bitterly cold
b. The furnace does not work.
c. They would look suspicious carrying luggage.
d. Thieves are trying to take their belongings.

2. The hiding place of the Franks and the Van Daans is
a. in the attic of an empty warehouse
b. inside a church bell tower
c. in the home of the Franks' friends
d. In the building where Mr. Frank used to have his business.

3. Why does Anne get in trouble more often than her sister Margot?
a. Anne has been spoiled by her father and has no respect for her elders.
b. Margot is quiet and meek, and Anne insists upon expressing her own opinions.
c. Anne is clumsy, and she doesn't care about other people's property.
d. Margot has already passed through her rebellious phase.

4. Which of the following statements best sums up Peter's feelings toward Anne in the first part of the play?
a. He finds her too talkative and resents her teasing.
b. He thinks she is very attractive and funny.
c. He feels embarrassed because she is a popular girl.
d. He wishes she would come and visit him.

5. How does Anne relate to her father?
a. Anne and her father have a close relationship.
b. Her father tries to baby her too much.
c. She prefers to be with her mother.
d. She is afraid of her father.

6. Which of the following events in the play provides an example of flashback?
a. Mr. Frank returns to the Secret Annex at the end of the war.
b. Anne recounts in her diary the many anti-Jewish decrees.
c. Mr. Frank begins reading the diary, and Anne's voice continues reading.
d. Mrs. Van Daan tells Anne about the many admirers she had in her youth.

7. Which of the following actions shows Anne's growing sensitivity to other people's feelings?
a. Anne sends her mother away after her nightmare.
b. Anne sings a song for Hannukah.
c. Anne defends Peter's cat to Mr. Van Daan.
d. Anne explains that her father is the only one she loves.

8. It is important for the characters in the play to celebrate Hannukah in the Secret Annex because
a. The young people are eager to get presents from their parents.
b. Mr. Dussel needs to learn more about Jewish holidays and customs.
c. They want to eat latkes and other holiday foods together.
d. It gives them a chance to unite in prayer and to remember their faith.

9. Anne calls herself a coward because of her fear. Why is Anne's image of herself considered dramatic irony?
a. Mr. Frank sees Anne as a brave teenager.
b. Mrs. Frank sees Anne as a loving daughter.
c. Mrs. Van Daan sees Anne as quiet and stubborn.
d. The reader knows the truth about Anne's fate and about her bravery.

10. What does Mrs. Frank mean when she says that Mr. Van Daan does not know what it means to be a father?
a. He quarrels all the time with his wife and son.
b. She has seen him hitting Peter.
c. He steals bread while his own son goes hungry.
d. He cannot help Peter with his homework.

11. Sometimes in drama, a character reveals a surprising new aspect of his or her personality. Which of the following actions in Act Two reveals a character trait not previously seen by the audience?
a. Mr. Dussel carefully divides the remaining potatoes into piles for each person.
b. Margot willingly lends Anne her high-heeled shoes for the evening.
c. Mr. Frank comforts the others as the soldiers pound violently on the door below.
d. Mrs. Frank demands that the Van Daans leave and find another hiding place.

12. Anne is faced with conflict within herself in Act Two. This conflict is between
a. her childish side and her maturing side
b. her love for Peter and her dislike of her mother.
c. the reality around her and her belief in the goodness of people.
d. her religious beliefs and her beliefs about people.

Essay (20 points apiece)

1. Explain why it was important for Anne to write in her diary while she was hiding. Use at least three examples from the play to support your ideas.

2. Describe the character whom you think matures the most during the two years in hiding. In what ways does this character become a stronger person. Give at least two examples from the play that support your opinion.