Room 210

Spelling Words

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1. Exercise- Betty went to the gym to exercise.

2. Entitled- John is entitled to his opinion.

3. Opinion- John is entitled to his opinion.

4. Compromise- You two need to reach a compromise and settle your differences.

5. Argument- Joe and Betty had an argument over who would drive the car.

6. Probably- They will probably settle the argument in court.

7. Enforce- The principal will enforce the dress code.

8. Effect- The ice cream, cookies, and pizza had a strong effect on him.

9. Affect- Who knew the ice cream, cookies, and pizza would affect him that way?

10. Amendment- Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the First Amendment.

11. Especially- It is especially hard to ice skate in the summer.

12. Write- I hear he is planning to write a book.

13. Right- I hope he gets his information right.

14. Wear- She does not know which dress she wants to wear.

15. Where- Where is the dance going to be held?

16. Were- Were you the one who put the onions in the punch at the dance?

17. Tattoo- Her parents do not want her to get a tattoo.

18. Suing- Brad Mathewson is suing the Webb City R-7 School District.

19. Principal- Mr. Mitchell is the principal at South Middle School.

20. Principle- It's not the money, it's the principle of the thing.